NEW and Improved Amplify Volumizing System by MATRIX

NEW Amplify Volumizing SystemYou’re probably sick of us talking about our fine, limp, flat hair by now—but it’s a hurdle we must jump over every morning. (Or rather, try to jump over every morning.)

We’ve found some great products that add volume and texture to our (fine, limp, flat) hair—but none work as well as the NEW and Improved Amplify Volumizing System by MATRIX.

With two new styling products, two reformulated favorites, and a new color-care conditioner—limp-locked girls like us are turning up the volume.

We can’t get enough of the Thicklift Liquid Volumizer and the Full Body Texturizer. We’ve used these products (both of them together) all week and have yet to have a bad hair day.Tracy Reese Tote Bag

In fact, our hair is feeling so sassy and confident, we’re thinking this Tracy Reese ‘Sydney’ Buckle Tab Toteicon is the perfect accessory to spotlight its greatness.

(Think our husband will go for that line of reasoning?)

Look for the entire NEW and Improved Amplify Volumizing System by MATRIX at a salon near you and at

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  • That bag is HOT! But then I saw the price tag, and I think my wallet ran away.

  • I know–mine too! But a girl can dream…

  • Ohh I love the Matrix Amplify line, so I will have to go get the Thicklift Liquid Volumizer and the Full Body Texturizer!

  • i just bought this new shampoo from whole foods that works wonders for my hair by unclogging the pores sebrum, in your scalp which builds up after time of styling products, pollutions ect. it is called energizing shampoo by ferm-t. it is made with jojoba, biotin, wheat protein, ect. my hair came back to life, and they even sell spray called the energizer follicale stimulating spray. works great before blow drying for great volume without any weight. bye bye rogaine. i think you can by online, just look under energizer shampoo.

    terry (Reply)

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