Missoni Colori Gold Face Highlighter

Missoni Colori Gold Face Highlighter Compact

This Missoni Colori Gold Face Highlighter Compacticon leaves us speechless.

Really, all we can do is bask in its loveliness.

Longtime readers know we have a little thing for shimmer powders (okay, a BIG thing) and this luxurious highlighter, with complementary shades of shimmering bronze, champagne and dusty rose, is the shimmer powder of our dreams.

It doesn’t get any better than this, friends.icon

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  • “little thing for shimmers”.. LITTLE thing, Erika? *giggles*

    Lisa (Reply)
  • Haha Lisa—I’m pathetic! The funny thing is that I rarely wear any of my shimmer powders… I just like to collect them because they’re all SO PRETTY. (Then my sister comes to visit and swipes them all, so I’m forced to start my wicked obsession all over again.)

  • That is gorgeous. I may have to add it to the arsenal.

  • Did you see the lipgloss,too?

    SO CUTE!!!

    stephie (Reply)
  • I can’ definitely see why you might not want to use it; it’s SO pretty!

  • I don’t get it? Looks horrible to me!

    Rowan (Reply)
  • This Missoni Colori Gold Face Highlighter Compact is so lovely.. the package is also lovely. I always have problems when seeing cute packages and I can’t controlling keeping it although I use it all up.


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