How much do we love the Holidays? Let us count the ways…

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  • and the MAC Holiday collection?

    angel (Reply)
  • Just got my Givenchy collection in the mail today and eagerly awaiting my guerlain :)

    Now I need my MAC fix and I’ll be set for the holidays 😉

    and maybe the lancome gloss hmmm…choices choices!

  • Yeah…don’t forget the MAC holiday collection Antiquitease! :)

  • Angel & Linda, we haven’t seen Antiquitease here at Makeup Bag yet. As soon as official photos are out, I’ll get them posted.

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date with the collections:)

    I’m looking forward to Guerlain and Givenchy the most.

    Kata (Reply)
  • Can’t wait til tomorrow- my sis and I are going to a preview of the MAC holiday collection! We’ll have to keep you posted! I really want so much this holiday season- we’ll see how much I can afford!

    Shari (Reply)

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