Last week three of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Kirsten Dunst, Rita Wilson and Kate Hudson, each debuted a short film they created and directed based on true stories written by Glamour readers and sponsored by CLINIQUE.

We’ve just spent the last hour watching and re-watching these short films because THEY’RE THAT GOOD. (Also, every time one of these movies is watched, Glamour will donate $1 to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.)


Our favorite of the three is Cutlass, directed by Kate Hudson, a short film about parenthood and the priceless gifts one gives to their children. (Starring: Chevy Chase, Dakota Fanning, Virginia Madsen, Kurt Russell, Sarah Roemer, Kristin Stewart)

We almost didn’t get through Welcome, directed by Kirsten Dunst, as we hate being scared (we haven’t watched a scary movie since 7th grade—Poltergeist still haunts us to this day!) but our love for Winona Ryder kept our eyes glued to the screen—with our fingers only slightly covering our eyes. (Starring: John Hawkes, Lexi Jourden, Winona Ryder)

The eerie beginning to The Trap, directed by Rita Wilson, ended with a smile. This charming tale of taking risks is something every girl can relate to. (Starring: Camilla Belle, Greg Butler, Gia Carides, Johanna Day, Ray Porter, Channing Tatum, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Aisha Tyler)

Watch these CLINIQUE sponsored short films here.

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  • Thanks for posting the link to these films. I had been waiting for a few months for them to come out (I’m a Kirsten Dunst fan) but had no idea where they’d be. Many thanks!!
    Bionic Beauty

  • The link to watch the short videos doesn’t send me to a place where I can view the videos.



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