Because we have hair issues (surprise!)

Not that hair is our only issue, because—trust us—we have many. But our hair is truly a girl’s worst nightmare.

In order to achieve the slightest bit of volume, we must pack on the product, and blow-dry with a big round brush almost immediately after getting out of the shower (read: hair must be sopping wet).

If we don’t go through these steps, our baby fine hair lays flat against our head like we’ve been wearing a beanie for 18 hours. It’s bad.

The one alternative we’ve found to avoid these woes is the Tigi Bed Head Dual Waver.

Tigi Bed Head Dual Waver

This handy little waver is our best friend when we get distracted in the morning—updating this website, making breakfast for the kids, doing last-minute ironing—and find our hair completely dry before we know it (when you have hair as fine as ours it air-dries in 6 minutes flat). Thankfully, a few crimps with the Tigi Bed Head Dual Waver and we’re ready to walk out the door with perfectly presentable hair.

The barrel is adjustable for deep or shallow waves and works wonders to give life to our limp locks. We use this 2-3 times per week (or more) for wavy, voluminous hair in half the time it takes to blow-dry.

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  • You are my savior! I am so excited to try this. I have extremely thin (thinning hair-I should say), frizzy hair and I need volume. I’m tired of my straightener because it makes my hair look soo flat! If this works as well as you say and the makers claim, I’ll be indebted to you forever!

    jenn (Reply)
  • Another suggestion if you don’t want to deal with using this… Try PureOlogy PureVolume Blow Dry Amplifier. It works like magic. Put in wet to damp hair and blow dry your hair upside down! AMAZING VOLUME!!!

    Melissa (Reply)
  • This looks like an interesting product. can you post pictures of your hair after using it?

    Abby (Reply)
  • Abby, Look here—I used the waver on days 1, 4 & 6…

  • That reminds me of the crimper I had in my big hair arsenal circa 1988.

  • I have the absolute OPPOSITE problem…for my hair to stick anywhere near my head, I’ve got to put a huge amount of anti-frizz cream, anti-frizz serum, shine serum, anti-poof cream,–and if I get it under control, in less than an hour it’s back to normal again.

    Julia (Reply)
  • I have recently cut my hair about the length of yours, and I was trying to get the retro glam wave look (do you know what I am talking about?) I looked at days 1, 4, and 6 and it wasn’t quite the look I am going for. Do you think this product would work for the particular waves I’m interested in?

  • i recently bought this product and it is amazing! i usually straighten my hair because it is rather thick and wavy(not the cute kind) so i love this product! it gives me volume but doesnt make it look like a poof ball

    Rachel (Reply)

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