Before we continue with our Fashion Week coverage, can we just take a little break to say: WTF?

Britney at the VMA’s

Britney’s appearance at the VMA’s was beyond disappointing.

Not only was she was afraid to walk/move/dance on her stiletto boots for fear she’d fall on her face (did you SEE her ankles wobbling?!)—but THE HAIR!

There has to be someone in this free world that obtains the skills needed to make this poor girl look presentable. If you are out there, please call Britney asap. She needs your help.

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  • The makeup is not bad but everything else is a mess. the hair actually looks greasy. The underwear on stage was ridiculous considering she can’t even wear it on a normal basis. She needs some serious help.

    HEIDI (Reply)
  • Um yeah…can you say snoozefest?? She looked like she was about to fall asleep out there! Even the backup dancers were dumbing it down so they wouldn’t upstage her.

  • I agree with Heidi. The makeup looks fine. It’s nice to see her when she actually covers her acne and wears a lip color that isn’t too dark or smeared across her lips in a way that looks like she rubbed a red popsicle all over her mouth. The blue contacts are a bit much…but yes…the hair. You’d think with all the money she must have that she could find someone, anyone to choose better looking extensions and actually apply them with skill. However, I heard that she fired her hairstylist right before going on stage. I’m not sure if she fired him/her because her hair looked so bad for the VMAs or if Britney fired him/her prior to the extensions and then found someone else to “do” her hair and that’s why it looked so terrible. Ugh, either way…so bad. I think she should just let it grow naturally. It has to be at least a few inches long now, and she really can be cute when she puts a little effort into it.

    Also, there’s a picture on Perez where you can see that one of her press-on nails had popped off before/during the perfomance. Ohh, what a mess.


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