Teen Corner: Homecoming, Part II

Teen Corner

So, my mom and I had this really great idea to make a video of us all getting ready for the Homecoming Dance. I wanted to show you how chaotic it is at my house when there’s a dance. (Actually, it’s chaotic all the time—but even more so when there’s a dance!)

There were 7 freshman girls (Bailey and her friends) and 5 sophomore girls (me and my friends) getting ready here ALL AT ONCE. Plus, everyone’s parents stopped by to take pictures, meet our dates, and lend their support. Needless to say, things were so crazy I didn’t have a chance to get to the video. I’m so bummed because it would have been great. (And it would have been FUN to have a permanent record of my sister’s crappy attitude, which could possibly be attributed to PMS—but is most likely due to her I-am-the-Princess-and-don’t-you-forget-it syndrome. Now that the weekend is over, I’d like to take her tiara and twist it into a little knot before tossing it into Lake Tahoe—never to be seen again.)

The homecoming festivities started on Wednesday with a parade and bonfire. Bailey was originally going to wear one of her (three!) dresses for this event, but the homecoming committee thought it would be too cold for formal wear.

Bailey at the Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Princess for the Freshman Class

Bailey at the Homecoming Bonfire

The bonfire was so much fun—and the night ended up being not as cold as we anticipated. Mother Nature saved that for the following night.

For the official homecoming festivities at Friday night’s football game, Bailey wanted to look really special. She went to our local MAC counter to get her makeup done and wore a sparkly silver dress that looked incredible under the stadium lights. She sat on her float, bare-legged and bare-shouldered with a red nose and chattering teeth as the temperature hovered around 45 degrees.

Bailey and the Homecoming Prince

Bailey with the freshman Prince

Bailey and the Homecoming Prince

Yesterday morning, we all slept in and enjoyed a lazy morning before starting to get ready for the dance. We prepped and primped for hours, coming out looking fly, if I do say so myself.

Andrea and Bree

Me and my best friend Andrea. (I made that flower in my hair, all by myself!)

Andrea, Chantelle, Bree

Andrea, Chantelle, and me

Bailey and friends

Bailey with her date and her friends

Bailey and friends

A side view of Bailey’s hair (expertly done by Andrea’s mom)

We all had a great time and danced the night away. Today it’s all about cleaning up our mess. Aaaughgh!

(Did I tell you my sister got three new dresses?)

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  • you girls look so great!

  • wait so ur sister was homecoming queen?

    Emily (Reply)
  • Emily- Noooo THANK GAWWWWD she wasn’t Homecoming Queen. (I don’t think her big head could handle it. lol!)

    She’s only a freshman—her class elected her Homecoming Princess to represent the Freshman Class.

  • Hi Bree.. all your dresses were beautiful! If you don’t mind me asking, where did your sister purchase her sparkley silvery dress? It is SOO CUTE and I think that would be a perfect dress for my winter formal!

    Lainey (Reply)
  • Lainey- The dress is soooo pretty. It would be perfect for winter formal. Here’s a link to it.

  • You all look beautiful! Cute segment!

    Ashley Samantha (Reply)
  • both of you guys looked pretty, i must say i really loved the eye makeup. maybe next time you can tell us what makeup brushes you usually use. so i can go buy them. thanks

    tricia (Reply)
  • yall are so beautiful, but QUIT W/ THE COOL TONES. You have such beautiful eyes but you dull them w/ silver and frosty (yikes!) blues. forsty lips = out. Get some gold eyeshadow and some red lipstick pronto!

    p.s. yall are really pretty

    mary (Reply)
  • Haha Mary- my mom tells me that too (about the shimmery silver eyeshadow, that is—also, she thinks I wear tooooo much. Whatever!)

    I’m only 15, so I haven’t been able to rock the red lips yet… but one day I will :)

  • That pink looks gorgeous on you – the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

    Auntie (Reply)
  • Thanks for replying back Bree! =)

    Another question… I love the lip gloss your sister is wearing because the color isn’t intense and it’s still pretty neutral. Again, if you don’t mind me asking, what lipgloss is she wearing in the pic w/ her pretty silvery dress (thanks for the link!!)

    lainey (Reply)
  • Bree,
    You and your sister look so gorgeous. My fave dress is the silver sequined dress, and the pink one too…LOL I cant make up my mind. Your make-up is PERFECT!!!

  • Lainey- Bailey is wearing MAC Plushglass in Cushy White.

  • Oh my god bree, your sister is the most gorgeous thing ive ever seeen.. Can you tell her to call me?




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