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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot

Napoleon Perdis, Australia’s leading makeup artist and CEO of Napoleon Perdis cosmetics brand, is the official sponsor of tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Known for his “red carpet to reality” belief, Perdis will be on hand to offer backstage beauty to presenters and winners at tonight’s show.

We caught up with Napoleon earlier this week to talk about fall trends and get some tips on makeup application.

Makeup Bag: Napoleon, thank you for taking time to answer a few Makeup Bag questions. For fall we’re seeing enhanced brows and bright pops of color on lips. What’s the best way to wear eyes for this look?

Napoleon Perdis: There is definitely more than one eye effect that can be worn with a bright lip for fall, but the safest option would be teaming a colored lip with a fairly minimal eye. One should use a wash of neutral eye shadow—Napoleon Perdis Eye Patrol in Private Angel is perfect, lots of mascara and eyeliner worn either in a soft smudge or a crisp clean line kept close to the lashes.

Makeup Bag: In the transition from summer to fall, what’s the best application technique for bronzer?

Napoleon Perdis: Instead of applying bronzer to the majority of your face, focus on high points such as the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones- all the areas of the face that the sun would subtly pick up. Keep your application blended for a natural effect.

Makeup Bag: Would you give us some tips for creating perfect skin in photographs?

Napoleon Perdis: Always, always start by nourishing and preparing the skin with the primers from my Auto Pilot Collection. Apply concealer and foundation with a makeup brush for a flawless finish, being sure to apply only where needed. Complete the look with my Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder to be truly paparazzi ready!

See Napoleon’s work tonight at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Fox at 8:00 p.m./7 c.

Also, catch Napoleon Perdis on HSN next month for tips, techniques, and products. Schedule is as follows:

Sunday, October 7th

5am Eastern Time (2am Pacific Time)

5pm Eastern Time (2pm Pacific Time)

Monday, October 8th

12:00pm Eastern Time (9am Pacific Time)

Tuesday, October 9th

4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific Time)

For more information on Napoleon Perdis, visit


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  • I think his products are over rated and severely over priced. It would seem that he sure has made a name for himself over seas though!

    spectrolite (Reply)
  • I did the certificate course at the Napoleon Perdis Make-up academy, and his products are great. I never used to think much of them until I did the course…I suppose it pays to learn how to use the products. Yeah he’s poducts are a little pricey but they are good quality, and worth it if you don’t wear make-up every single day.

    Miranda (Reply)
  • I like his products. I was given a touch-up at a Napoleon cosmetics store in San Francisco – my boyfriend bought me everything the woman put on my face, because it was my birthday. :] I’m still shocked over the prices, but they feel great on my skin and cover well (I couldn’t find that from any products at Target or at my job in a cosmetics outlet store). I’d love to attend his academy in L.A! :]

    I’m wondering though, are the products oil-free? I threw out the boxes before reading them and haven’t found anything online. :/

    Casey (Reply)

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