Lancome’s next Superstar Lipstick

For Spring 2008, Gucci Westman and designer Thakoon created the next installment of Lancôme’s Pout-á-Porter limited-edition lipstick series.

Lancome Pout-a-Porter Thakoon Lipstick

Here’s what Gucci has to say about Lancôme Pout-á-Porter Thakoon Lipstick:

“I imagined a Japanese girl in Kauai—kind of a surfer look, but much more refined. Thakoon wanted something translucent in a cooler tone—not too light, not too bright. I picked up on the fuchsia from some of the clothes and decided to go with a stain effect. to get the right shade, I started with a beige undertone to neutralize any redness in the lip. Then I added a fleshy, pink tone and mixed it with a blue fuchsia. It’s a creamy stain—not a matte, dry one—with an almost satiny finish. I love that it’s a totally fresh, uncomplicated lip for spring.”

Gucci! We’re a (part) Japanese girl from Kauai!

As with all the lipsticks in this limited-edition series, this is a must-have for us.

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  • Geez, can they please make a shade that is complimentary to us brown girls???!!!! I want to enjoy the Pout-a-Porter series, too!!!! :(

    B.A.P. (Reply)
  • When is this gorgeous lipstick going to be released?

    Christina (Reply)
  • do you know where this is available?

    Laura (Reply)
  • do you know when this would be available and if i can get one reserved?

    Isabella (Reply)
  • Hello, I think this should be lauched within the next few weeks… but check the web site in Spain , it is really up to date.
    Cheers from Madrid!


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