And sadness ensues…

We made it safely home from New York and have so much to tell you, we’re not quite sure where to begin.

We’ll be madly updating throughout the day with spring makeup trends, new products, and (finally!) the winners from our Makeup Bag birthday celebration last week. But first, some people we met at Fashion Week:

Beauty Bloggers

(l-r: Shannon, Ellen, Julia, Elke’s assistant Lindsay, Elke, Julia’s friend Daphne, Lianne, and Erika)

After meeting in our room for a special eyebrow shaping by Elke, we took this photo on our way to Bryant Park for a MAC event.

Heather from MAC

The gorgeous Heather from MAC. (This girl has the ability to look calm and fabulous, even with a stressful schedule and craziness around her!)

Beauty Bloggers at the MAC event

Marina and I have our eyes closed in this picture, but here’s the entire gang at the MAC event at Bryant Park. Unfortunately, Teri couldn’t get through security and missed the event entirely!

Teri and Shannon

Thankfully she met up with us for lunch. Here she is (left) with Shannon, but we didn’t spend nearly enough time with her.

Erika and Kristen

We finally met Kristen from Beauty Addict. She got the gold star of the night for trekking, like, 15 blocks in 4 inch heels to the W Times Square where we shared cocktails and laughs until after 2:00 a.m.

Daphne and Julia

Julia (right) and her friend Daphne met us at the Boots Suite at the Bryant Park Hotel on Friday where we talked it up for almost two hours. Later we had a super dinner at Sarabeth’s where we realized that Julia has a memory like no other. The girl is like an encyclopedia. Love her!

Ellen and Elke

Ellen and Elke at Jack’s where we had lunch. Aren’t they cute?

Lesley from Fashiontribes

Lesley from Fashiontribes is the shit. We could learn a thing or two (or seventy million) from this girl!

Lianne from Makeup Girl

Lianne is such a blast, we can’t wait to hang out with her again.

At Arno with Tina, Elke and Erica from Lancome

Tina and Elke share some laughs over dinner with Erica from Lancôme. Tina with her Bag Snob, Beauty Snob, Tot Snob, Jewel Snob empire and Elke with the Beauty Blog Network are clearly some internet go-getters that we were fortunate to break bread with.

As we sort through our photos, we can’t find Nichelle and Marina. These city girls somehow avoided our camera, but found a special place in our heart. We can’t wait to spend time with them again.

Now that our time in New York is over, we’re feeling rather sad. We seriously fell in love with that city and hated to leave. But, mark our words, we will be back soon.

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  • love the new hair, girl!

  • Gorgeous as always Erica!

    Lovely smile!

    Enjoy fashion week! Eager to hear all about the newest trends 😉


  • Ahhhhh and the embarrassing pics surface! I had such a good time wit you! Next time I get to Vegas – I am so on a flight to Reno!!

  • Embarrassing? NO way–you’re adorable!

  • What a fun time! I am soooo jealous! All of you are fantastic.

    kari (Reply)
  • Hi there, it was so great to meet you and all the ladies. I am glad to see these pics up. I wish i could have done lunch but was rushing around to other things. I should have though, you were all super nice. I hope we all see each other again next time.

    The Beauty Alchemist (Reply)
  • so much fun! how did i manage to avoid those pics?!

  • M- I’m sure you’ll pop up in someone else’s pictures. It’s funny how I thought I took a lot of photos but really I didn’t. Next time I’m taking more!

    Let’s plan to meet up in February, okay???

  • how gorgeous you all are! i thoroughly enjoyed the pics! thanks for sharing!

  • I wish my boobs would stop it already in these photos. And the red eyes. I look like a the devil with Pam Anderson boobs.

    I had so much fun–I hope I can make it in Feb!

    Ps. We had dinner at Arno’s not Sarabeth’s. :)

  • Of course we did! I was speaking about Friday night when I had dinner with Julia at Sarabeth’s :)

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