The Great Tulipe Noire Giveaway

We shouldn’t really call it great, as we only have two bottles to give away—but whatever, we’ll call it that anyway.

A big thank you to all the Makeup Bag readers who stopped by to tell us about their favorite CHANEL products.

To make things fair, we wrote all 28 of your names down and had our 5-year-old, Janey, pull them out of a hat. (We’re so technical here at Makeup Bag.)

Incidentally, she found her own name as she was placing the tiny slips of paper into her hat (which was a very slow process—each name had to be read before it was allowed to go in the hat) and informed us that reader Janey (Hi Janey!) was the winner.

We tried to explain how that wasn’t fair, and could be considered cheating, but she very cleverly explained to me that it wasn’t cheating at all. “Reader Janey is lucky—that’s all. And she should win because she has the same name as your baby, who loves you so much.”

So, there you have it. Congratulations, Reader Janey! It would be really wrong to give you a bottle of Tulipe Noire, but we have another special prize for you.

On with the show: The winners of the Great Tulipe Noire Giveaway are…

  • Paloma
  • Christine

Congratulations Readers Paloma and Christine!

Please forward your mailing address to (you too, Janey) and we’ll get your gift off to you today.

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