Teen Corner: Fresh & Fruity

Teen Corner

Smelling good is high up on my list of Things that Matter , right up there with my cell phone, cute accessories and my baby sister. (Really, she’s not a baby—she’s 5—but she rocks my world.)

Body by Maurices

I like to smell fresh and clean without being too "perfume-y" if you know what I mean.

Recently I discovered Body by Maurices , a bath and body line exclusive to one of my favorite places to shop: Maurices . There’s three fruity flavors (Cool Citrus , Sweet Sage , and Berry Blush ) available in a body scrub, cleansing gel, body butter, lotion, and body spray.

I love the Cool Citrus scent of the body spray—so refreshing! I can smell super yummy without being overwhelming.

Stop by your local Maurices and check these out!

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