Shalimar Black

We’ve mentioned before that Guerlain Shalimar is our mother’s signature scent. (Did we tell you about that one time we used her Eau de Parfum spray as hairspray in second grade? Surprisingly, we’re still alive after that incident.)

Because Shalimar is an old family friend, we’re thrilled to hear that Guerlain is launching a limited Christmas edition bottle of this classic fragrance.

Guerlain Shalimar Black

Shalimar Black explores the mysterious side of the fragrance by enhancing the Eau de Parfum and Perfume Extract bottles with a deep black finish.

We’ll definitely be getting this for our mother. And we should probably get one for ourself as well. (Just in case, you know, our mother forgets hers when she comes to visit.)

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  • That was the only fragrance my mom wore. As a result, I wear it all the time… it makes me think of her. I’ll be buying this!

    Cindy (Reply)

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