Rimmel Light Beam Lip Gloss

Rimmel London Light Beam Lip Gloss

Psssst. Over here!

Can you hear us? We’re whispering because we don’t want our girls to find our hiding spot.

Ever since we got our hands on this Rimmel Light Beam Lip Gloss it has been one big catfight here at Makeup Bag headquarters. With a nifty little mirror and LED light, our five-year-old is convinced it’s a toy (her toy, and she refuses to share)—while her teenage sisters are doing their best to take possession of it.

“I’ll give you 12 really yummy Bonne Bell chapsticks for it!”

“I won’t tell Mom you opened up her brand new contact lense packet. AGAIN!”

Taking matters into our own hands, we’ve hid inside our walk-in closet with the coveted Light Beam Lip Gloss and don’t plan on leaving until a) we regain our sanity (which might not be possible as our reflection looks very ‘Blair Witch’ in this dark closet and we’re scaring the crap out of ourself), or b) the LED light burns out (which may be very soon as we can’t stop turning on the light to replace the bubble-gum flavored gloss we keep licking off.)

Good thing it’s only $12, because we have a feeling Light Beam Lip Gloss will be a member of our family before long.

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  • I love RIMMELL products and I will not buy anything else or let anyone buy me anything else. But when I went shopping to find a present for my girlfriends, I found a beautiful 47pc. music box traincase by colorworks in differrent colors made out of strong patent leather. When will Rimmel come out with the same? It has a tote,3 opening drawers with plenty of room for make-up/jewelry/accessories,and a mirror on top. I would also like to see one with lighted mirror and differrent leathers.Please when you come out with this e-mail me and send me one on the house. Available for face modeling too.

  • i really want this and dont know wher to buy it plz tell me wher PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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