P.S. Kiss

Erika wearing Lancome PS Kiss

Guess what we’re wearing on our lips?

Give up?

It’s only THE MOST INCREDIBLE RED we have ever had the pleasure of wearing: Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in P.S. Kiss.

The third must-have hue in Lancôme’s Pout-à-Porter series created exclusively for the runway, this deep burgundy-red was created by Lancôme artistic director Gucci Westman and designer Peter Som for his Fall 2007 Runway Show.

Lancome PS Kiss

P.S. Kiss will be available in limited quantities beginning October 1st at Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Lancôme’s five U.S. boutiques, and lancome-usa.com. To secure your own tube, the waiting list opens September 1st.

Watch the collaboration between Lancôme’s Gucci Westman and Peter Som here.

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  • Wow, u r stunning, reds were made for u hun!!! WOW

    Saniya (Reply)
  • I’m all over that one–it looks like the first Lancome from this series that will work for me. Thanks SO much for posting. Your site is always so beautiful.

  • The colour looks spectacular on you, especially with that blouse. Now if only that shade can make it across the north border.

    I know you have teen children, but looking at the photo you can’t possibly be older than 25. I’m sorry if I’m a bit tactless, but I honestly couldn’t keep my amazement to myself. [stalks your skincare routine]

    P.S. Love your blog!

    cherryglass (Reply)
  • Stunning! You look Vogue-ready in this photo. Truly.

    Is there any way that you can you help me secure a tube, pretty please with sugar gloss on top? I would be most grateful!

    Thanks and keep the good times rolling!

    Carolina (Reply)
  • You look marvelous!

  • Haha- you guys are sweet. Cherryglass, I am TWENTY FIVE (plus eleven).

    And if I don’t smile, there aren’t any lines around my eyes. How clever am I?

    I will really try to get some extra tubes for giveaways here at Makeup Bag, but I can’t promise that I won’t keep them all for myself!


  • I know this is supposed to be about the lipstick, but oh my god…YOU. You’re just so beautiful.

  • You look great, Erika! With such lovely eyes, I’m lookin’ at the lips, lipstick SECOND.

  • Will the waiting list be easily visible on the lancome website?

  • Why, oh why is the Pout-à-Porter series not available in Europe..?

    From the photos I liked the previous Proenza Pink so much, I ended up buying MAC Snob when I read somewhere it’s very similar. Do any of you own both and can compare them?

    Erika it looks really stunning on you!

    Kata (Reply)
  • Oh, it’s beautiful! I thought it would be more burgundy, but it’s a gorgeous red on you.

  • You look amazing. The lips are stunning and I love your hair.

  • abs gorg!

  • I have similar coloring as you, and I *heart* reds/burgundies for lip colors. I must track down this lipstick.

    But I need to know – does it have that nasty ‘fake rose’ Lancome lipstick smell?


    stephie (Reply)
  • That red looks great on you. You look gorgeous in that photo :)

  • Erika, this looks beautiful on you!

    P.S. Can you ask Bree what lipstick she was wearing in Part III of Party Time? Thank you so much!!!

    Brittany (Reply)
  • Your lips are gorgeous in that burgundy-red color! I’m excited for the release of this lipstick – it looks like it can work on all types of skintones, after seeing that youtube video!

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • wow that is the kind of deep red i am after! bet it won’t come to AUSTRALIA!!!

  • Hi Erika! You look so pretty! Love the red on you.

  • Erika,
    I just had to comment, you are gorgeous!

  • You look really scared in this picture.

    ruth (Reply)
  • I have very similar coloring to you, so I had to order this (even though I can’t really afford it right now). It’s gorgeous!

    Theresa (Reply)

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