Photo Finish Light

Smashbox Photo Finish Light

Our favorite foundation primer is now available in a light version!

Smashbox Photo Finish Light is the ideal foundation primer for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. This oil-free, water based primer contains oil absorbers allowing for a smooth, matte finish that lasts all day. Also, it contains vitamin-C and peptides to promote collagen production and an even skin tone.

For best results, apply with fingertips to clean, moisturized skin.

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  • Thanks for the heads up! I have wanted to try out the normal version forever, and this might convince me to finally check it out!

  • But does the packaging work? I bought the second generation Smashbox primer, the pink one that has sunscreen, and the pump doesn’t work which forces me to try to scoop product out with a chopstick! There’s no excuse for a company with such substantial resources selling expensive product in flawed packaging.

    Dallas Reader (Reply)
  • Oh thanks for the heads up from me too!

    Now I need to find out how to get my little hands on this sinc there’s no Smashbox near me in Germany!

  • Hi all!
    Maybe you can order it online? I found out that for example Eleven in Sweden has Smashbox and delivers euro-wide but haven,t ordered from this site so far. Hope this helps a bit… Is Smashbox really THAT good (I have products from Laura Mercier, Stila or DuWop)?
    Where are you from Linda by the way?
    Greetings to all from Munich,

    Andrea (Reply)
  • cool! will love to check this out as the first primer didn’t do much for me, but curdle. maybe i was using too much?

  • nice. now i wish they had it in the one that neutralizes red tones (the green shade – don’t remember what it’s called), since the original version is just a little heavy for me.

  • I’m psyched to find out about this – I tried the regular one and loved how smooth it was, and bought it in bulk. After using it, my normally well-behaved skin started sprouting tiny pimples – the product clogged my pores. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of unused product! I will definitely try this one tho – this stuff is like 20 times more smooth compared to Laura Mercier (whose tinted moisturizer I wouldn’t trade for anything)

    Leigh (Reply)

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