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Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Urban Decay eye shadows are so perfect in every way, they make us break out in a sweat.

And now—available online first—is their new Matte Eyeshadow. Velvety, rich, matte colors ranging from neutral to vibrant will be an excellent accessory to our Makeup Bag. (Tell them apart from your other Urban Decay Eyeshadows by their gunmetal subway-token casing. Clever!)

Matte Eyeshadow comes in twelve shades:

  • ABC Gum: pale peach
  • Chronic: bright light green
  • Cult: eggplant
  • Foxy: light neutral
  • Illegal: smoky rose
  • Naked: buff nude
  • Narcotic: bright turquoise
  • Perversion: jet black
  • Purple Haze: bright purple
  • Revolver: stone gray
  • Secret Service: medium brown
  • Yeyo: powder white

Get them online now for $16 each at

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  • totally want all of these! I’m saddened that narcotic looks like a rerun of Piccadilly! Can’t wait to see it in person! Keep my fingers crossed it’s more vibrant than it’s sister color!

  • OHH good call! I didn’t notice the casing was different! Sweet!

  • omg, i cannot show enough love for urban decay! but, dear god, does the blond model in the second picture have…a mullet?? *i hope not!* :)

    Anonymous (Reply)

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