MAC Thursday: Smoke Signals & Blue Storm

MAC’s latest fall collections, Smoke Signals & Blue Storm are hitting MAC counters nationwide today. While we adore all the smoky blue and gray hues (Gentle Fume Eyes: 4 has us dancing on the rooftop) here’s a few hits that surprised us with their fabulousness:

Rainy Day Nail Lacquer (Blue Storm collection): Metallic gunmetal gray with lilac pearl (frost)—while we typically prefer cream nail colors over frosts, this one stood out with its simple elegance and subtle purple hue. Love.

Mystery Kohl Power (Blue Storm collection): Rich black with green and teal pearl (frost)—our dark brown eyes look amazing in this deep shimmery black-green. If you have green eyes (Ann & Stacy!), we’re quite sure this will be your favorite smoky-eye accessory this fall.

Smoke Signal Pigment (Smoke Signals collection): Rusty deep maroon—a matte pigment in a brown-red shade that, come fall, will be a Makeup Bag staple.

Barely Lit Lipstick (Smoke Signals collection): Pink sand with gold pearl (lustre)—the perfect pale lip (without making our lips completely disappear) to complement our super smoky eyes this season.

Visit your local MAC counter to check out these must-see collections.

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  • Im going today, the palettes sound delicious!!!

    Saniya (Reply)
  • I can’t wait to get my nails done with Rainy Day! I bought it a few days ago and am so excited to try it…it looks awesome!

    Mary (Reply)

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