Guerlain Holiday 2007

Our first holiday collection scoop of the year, folks: GUERLAIN!

Guerlain Holiday 2007

You had better sit down (or at least brace yourself) because this is going to rock your world.

Are you ready?

Guerlain Holiday 2007

Do you want to guess what the above item is, or should we just tell you?

Here’s a hint: It looks like perfume, smells like perfume, but it’s totally not perfume.

This gorgeous atomizer is filled with FOREVER GOLD, a Sublime Radiant Powder for the Face & Body. Sprayed on like perfume, this new application technique creates a delicate veil of silky powder, giving skin a radiant glow with the subtle scent of violets.

Guerlain Holiday 2007

Meteorites Gold Temptation Pearls: Pure Desire—six shades of gold and silver pearls to illuminate the complexion. Now the pearls are even smaller and also come in a rare and refined compact decorated with a white and gold rose on the lid. This means our Meteorites can stay with us at all times!

Guerlain Holiday 2007

Ombre eclat duo & liner, limited edition: MIDNIGHT GOLD—two subtle glittering eyeshadows, one gold and one white to create a play of depth and light, with a coppery gold eye liner to enhance the eyes.

Golden Lash topcoat mascara is a limited edition gel applied over mascara to create a golden, pearly effect that’s essential for party nights.Guerlain Holiday 2007

KissKiss Precious Colors: Silky and Delicious—adorned in party attire, the limited edition KissKiss Precious Colors, Silky and Delicious comes in three new Lipstick colors bursting with gold pearls: Forever Pink (sparkling coral pink), Forever Rose (fresh gentle rose), Forever Beige (sophisticated beige).

Also, KissKiss Gloss is now available in Gold Princess (gold) to be worn alone or over lipstick.

We hate to rush through our favorite season of the year (autumn) but this Guerlain Holiday 2007 collection is making us long for the dreaded Old Man Winter just so we can spray ourself with Forever Gold. We’ll keep you posted on when this becomes available.

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  • Wow does this collection look beautiful! I can’t wait!

  • *drools*! This whole collection is too gorgeous! omg. I am so broke.

    Sarah (Reply)
  • i didn’t take you seriously when you said brace yourself. i am gawking all over this post… those lipstick tubes?? the bronzer spray?? to die for.. can’t wait to see this in person!

  • This looks so amazing! I can’t wait to see it live!

    Shari (Reply)
  • YES! I have to have it all. This is by far the coolest, most alluring range I’ve ever seen. I think I might even be in love now, actually.

    peachgirl (Reply)
  • Luxurious!

    Rowan (Reply)
  • i have one word…”breathtaking” this collection looks so!
    i cant wait to see it in person..i will probably

    Saniya (Reply)
  • god I want it all!

    Off to sell my kidneys on E-bay so I can afford the lot!

  • I will have to have it all, oh yes, I will have it all !

  • Bergdorf Goodman recieved the merchandise for the Forever Gold Collection this week. It’s absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Oh my gosh!!! What a gorgeous collection. I better start saving now!

  • Hi,
    i just bought the Guerlain pearls. They are as usual very nice, so a bit smaller than the previous ones. The coulour is a silver / gold.
    The best thing in this collection is the forever gold powderspray, wich leaves soft tiny diamond-like sparkles on the skin and smell gorgeous. I didn’t buy it yet, cause the price hit me down – 68 € for for 0.38 Oz.

    Anikó (Reply)

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