Baume Baiser

Baume Baiser, the pillowy soft bubble balm from Lancôme’s Mystery Game collection, is beyond fun.

Seriously, this is like a toy for us. The firm, cushy bubble exfoliates while applying the yummiest marshmallow-y sweet lip balm. It’s hard to explain, but it leaves our lips feeling so soft and moisturized.

The strange thing is—we have no idea just how much lip balm is in this thing. At the rate we’re going, we might need to go back to the Lancôme counter tomorrow for another one.

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  • Really? I saw this in the store the other day (while checking out the flashtronics 😉 ), and I wasn’t really impressed with the texture…

    Maybe I’ll have to look again.

  • can’t wait to get my hands on these they look so yummy

    sharon (Reply)
  • I have this and adore it! It is fun to play with- it’s so bouncy on your lips. I also am confused at to how much prodcut is in there, but it’s a pretty nice little item. So moisturizing and yummy. When I bought mine, the tester one at the counter looked as if someone had taken a “bite” of it! I guess someone else thoguh it was “yummy” too! lol.

    Sarah (Reply)
  • I want to try that, but I’ll probably be so obsessed with it that I’ll use it all within a few days! I’ll definitely look for it the next time I go to Macy’s!

  • I desperately want to try this thing!

  • Great little balm! Check out Macy’s now while there is a gift (need to buy $28.50 tho). This is limited edition item, so when they’re gone, they’re really gone!!!

    Melinda (Reply)

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