The Ultimate Scent

Did you know that the “Ultimate Closet,”  Scoop NYC, has their own “ultimate” scent?

Did you also know that it actually smells really good?

Scoop NYC Fragrance

This fresh, fruity scent is perfectly light and subtle — great for running around on a summer day. With notes of pear blossom, white peony, and jasmine (also, a hint of musk) this scent is less floral on our skin and more “clean”.

Just $65 for a 2 oz. spray bottle will have you smelling fruity-fresh as well. Available at Scoop NYC.

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  • I have been reading your blog for almost half a year now and it’s been such an informative website. I love it and please keep it up!

    May I pick your mind a bit? Do you know any perfume or body care line that makes deodorant? I’m getting sick of the drug store brands and the scent always conflicts with my perfume. If you do know any, please let me know!

    Stephanie (Reply)

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