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Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Makeup Bag’s new feature, Bree’s Teen Corner .

I’m Bree and I’ll be contributing here once a week—telling you all my problems. Haaaaaha. Just kidding.

I’ll be talking about teen beauty, because let’s face it, what works for our mothers doesn’t always work for us. (Actually, I should say hardly ever works for us.) You know what I mean?

Glamour Gurlz by Joanna Schlip

My friends and I always look to fashion magazines and makeup books to inspire us and keep our makeup looking fresh. It’s a blast to try and re-create our favorites, even if it means ending up with the occasional raccoon eyes or Raggedy Ann cheeks. One book I’ve been loving lately is called Glamour Gurlz by celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. This book has tons of ideas and great tips for young teenagers and is a great resource for the makeup novice.

Yesterday, using Eve as an inspiration, we made up my 13 year old sister, Bailey, with bold blue shadow and neutral lips from the MAC C-Shock collection.


Bailey’s lips look nothing like Eve’s even though we applied the same lip products (Overrich Lipstick and Mega Lip Gelee)—which only means that this look will have to be re-created a few more times before we get it right!

Update: Angelcake left a comment that we used the wrong lipstick! Should be Out to Shock from the C-Shock collection. Thanks Angelcake :)

Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to check back next week for some simple tips on looking fresh in the hot summer heat.



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  • use Out to Shock instead of Overrich, they mistakenly wrote Overrich at MAC’s website, the l/s used is Out to Shock…

    angelcake (Reply)
  • Although the wrong l/s was used, she’s still absolutely gorgeous!

  • I completely agree with Gee, the look is amazing! Great job!

  • I did a live chat on MAC and the makeup artist said the lipstick used was in fact Overrich. She also stated that the Cork pencil is what makes the lip look so muted. I have cork and it will lighten a lipstick in a heart beat. Hope that helps.

  • bailey looks great!


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