Taupe: The perfect fitting black pants for eyes

In our experience, there isn’t an eye shadow shade more flattering on any eye color than taupe. Everyone looks good in taupe eye shadow.

Our own Makeup Bag is brimming with various shades of this universal color and today we’ve added this one to our list of favorites:

Smashbox Earth Mother Palette

Smashbox Palettes for PETA Earth Mother palette with three shades of earthy neutrals to complement any pair of eyes. And the shadows are 100% vegan — awesome!

In case you’re wondering what our other favorite taupe shadows are (not that you care or anything — because you probably have gorgeous blue eyes where ours are nondescript brown and need all the help they can get. But whatever, because like we said earlier, taupe looks good on everyone), we’ll just go ahead and list them here:

  • Chanel Safari
  • Urban Decay Stray Dog (new!)
  • MAC Satin Taupe
  • MAC Mothbrown (probably our most favorite of favorites)
  • LORAC Reverie
  • Bobbi Brown Fawn
  • Bobbi Brown Stone

Lined up on the counter, our husband thinks all these colors look alarmingly identical, but then, he also thinks Dr. Pepper tastes like rootbeer.

What are your favorite taupe eyeshadows?

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  • Bobbi Brown Champagne Truffle from the Chocolate Palette
    Smashbox Wrap

    Heather (Reply)
  • I also love taupe eyeshadows, especially the ones with a hint of green! My all-time favourite is included in a Lancome “La Sagesse” palette from 2004, the “sweet vintage” collection. It is a beautiful shimmering color, I would describe it as a cool brown-green-grey. Totally stunning! If anyone can recommend something similar that is currently available I would be very happy!

  • Gotta agree with MAC Satin Taupe. Great shadow!

  • LOVE that trio! I have nothing to add and it’s my third comment today, so I’ll shut up now. 😉

  • Cargo Yukon is a lovely Taupe-Silver shadow. Total agreement on the Satin Taupe!

    Sandra (Reply)
  • covergirl eyeshadow in tapestry taupe is my favorite. its fairly sheer with just enough color and shimmer.

    Ellie (Reply)
  • Physician’s Formula makes a superlative taupe shadow. It is one of their mineral shadows with the multi-colored minerals in a little circle. It is a fantastic product.

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