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MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Welcome to the MAC Cosmetics Live Chat Event with Eve and Makeup Artist, JJ.
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Michele__My_Fashion_Life_Blog: Eve – What beauty product couldn?t you live without?
Eve: Probably Face and Body! It’s easy for me to use when JJ’s not around!
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Julia_Coney__All_about_the_Pretty_Blog: Eve and JJ: You have been a team for years, how does the collaboration process begin for videos and events?
Eve: First of all, Eve is very advanced with her fashion as we know. We all come together as a team with the director and build on that. Eve overlooks the whole project! We come together to decide what the whole look will be.
Eve: I am reluctant sometimes to do new things but JJ is always right! JJ’s advanced in her makeup direction.
Paige: Does Eve wear MAC makeup at all of her appearances?
JJ: Yes she does. Coming from MAC I can tell you Eve has always been into MAC. I was so excited for Eve when she became our Viva Glam Spokesperson. She always wore MAC products!
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JJ: You know how Eve loves Louis Vuitton handbags? MAC is like Louis Vuitton for Eve!
Eve: Prayer – I’m just playing. If I’m really tired and I have to be somewhere, I definitely hydrate! It’s that old cliche – water cures everything. It’s true. It’s one of the best things ever – but Preparation H doesn’t hurt either!
JJ: She means Fast Eye Response!
Toya__Life_of_a_Ladybug_Blog: What made C-Shock the perfect collection to use in the “Tambourine” video? How do the bold, bright colors help illustrate the theme/feel of the song?
Eve: It was a perfect marriage. I knew that I wanted to do a video with popping colors. We started with the clothes with Christopher Kane and his spring collection. C-Shock came out at the right time.
Christine_Mielke__Temptalia_com: If you could only take five products with you, which would they be?
Moderator: We will be opening the chat event to the general audience in the next 10 minutes. Please submit any final questions.
Eve: Face and Body, Loose Bronze in Golden Bronze, definitely Pro Lash Mascara, any Viva Glam not only becuase it’s a great cause but the colors look great on me and Studio Moisture Fix.
Carla__Product-Girl_com_Blog: What is in your makeup bag right now?
Eve: Dark Blot Powder – I love to use that stuff! You can apply it all day. Select Moisture Covers because you can tap spots all day and it doesn’t cake up at all! And Blot Tissues – those are very important!
TheMakeupGirl: Eve – Were you apprehensive about the brightness of the C-Shock collection??
Eve: JJ talked me into doing the eyelid stuff which I love now. It’s all in how you apply it. I wouldn’t dare to try it alone if it wasn’t for JJ. Now I love it!
Toya: Eve, if you had to come up with the perfect product, what would it be?
Eve: That’s a good question. Hmmmm – MAC has everything I need!
TheMakeupGirl: JJ – The colors in C-Shock are surprisingly soft, did you layer the colors to get the intense looks??
JJ: I would definitely say it has to do with the brushes you use. The 252 is great for depositing more color on brown skin. Pressing in and adding and layering the product for brown skin. People with more fair skin, I would suggest using a fluffier brush to distribute less product.
Makeupbag: Eve, what’s your favorite MAC lipgloss?
Eve: That’s a hard one. At one time I’ll have at least 5 different colors in my bag. My favorite, favorite, favorite right now is from the Barbie Collection – Malibu Barbie and She-Boom!
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Welcome to the MAC Cosmetics Live Chat Event with Eve and Makeup Artist, JJ.
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Please submit your questions now.
Carla: What appeals to you the most about working with a company like MAC?
Eve: For me, the dedication and passion they have. Not just about creating a great product but also helping people in need. It’s like a big family and I think it’s great the employees are happy to be there. You can tell they have passion for their jobs!
gitts: Eve’s C Shock look has inspired me to add colour to eye makeup, however I am quite a bit darker than she is, will these colours work for me as well?
JJ: Yes they will! I think for darker skin a great technique to do is take the paints and apply on the eyelid and then add the eyeshadow on top of that. The paints would be the base. For any drag queens out there or darker skintones.
Leora: How do you acheive such flawless skin? What do you use?
JJ: I’m going to be honest with you. Eve has flawless skin. She takes care of herself and drinks lots of water and has facials. I always suggest for people to add more than one foundation. None of us have one skintone. Take a lighter shade, blend it through the t-zone and then blend to the outer areas. It’s all in the application. Don’t overdo it with the foundation.
Sandra: Do you use MAC pigments? If so, which are your favorite colors?
Eve: Pink Opal or Tan.
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kathleen: How do you get that dewy look?
Eve: Golden Bronze Loose Powder is the best stuff ever!
AllLacqueredUp: Eve – Do you have a favorite MAC nail lacquer color?
Eve: I’m very on my own with nail shades, I very light pink shade like MAC Pretty Miss or Confectionary
JJ: It’s important to use the Powder Brush 150 and tap it off. Blend, blend, blend is your best friend. You really have to take the time to blend it. Bronzer compact is really great for dewy skin.
ariella: what make-up do you find best for the sun? do you use waterproof products?
Eve: If I’m doing a photoshoot outside and wearing shorts or something like that, I like to use MAC Face And Body Tint.
Lydia: What?s Eve?s favorite fragrance?
Eve: It’s called Floret by Antonia Flowers.
Quinn: Does Eve wear MAC makeup on her days off?
Eve: Yes – that’s all I wear!
JJ: She wears it to bed!
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Nikki: I just saw your video. It was great the way you were able to work in the MAC products in such a tasteful way.
Eve: That’s great to hear. Thank you!
Fabulosity: I LOVE YOU EVE…u’ve been my fave from JUMP..and you looked amazing last night :)
Eve: Oh – Thank you!
Eve: Thank you all for the support! I love you all as much as you love me! And support MAC Viva Glam!
MacFan01: hi eve, what is your favorite look from the c shock collection
Eve: Bang on Blue is my favorite look. It looked better on than when I saw it in the container. It popped my eye color in a whole other way. I loved it!
G-116061158: Eve, what kinds of colours do you wear everyday?
Eve: On my own…I don’t really wear eyeshadow. I use Smoulder eye pencil…i don’t really use color. I definitely wear Golden Bronze every day.
ariella: what mascara is best for thickening as well as lengthening lashes in one go?
JJ: I like to use Fibre Rich Mascara first and then apply Mascara X. The trick is to first use the MAC Mascara Curler.
Hawaiian_Sophie: MAC has had some amazing style icons! Diana Ross, Raquel Welch…. which icons, if any, inspire your style?
Eve: Wow! I would say Bridget Bardot and Raquel Welch. Really, all of the Divas!
evelova: What do you think about Blast O’ Blue lipstick? How do you recommend wearing it?
JJ: I think it kinda comes out like a purple sheer tone. So for lighter skin I would just apply it on its own and put lipglass on top of it. For darker skins, you can put a lip pencil and wear it alone.
JJ: Don’t be afraid of it, it’s a beautiful collection of colors!
Nikki: Before seeing you in the MAC ads, I didn’t think that I as a black woman could pull off some of the colors. But you have really shown mean that sisters can make those colors work for us!
Eve: That’s great! I agree with JJ also. I’ve been reluctant to wear colors. I just started experimenting. You need to find the right shade for your skintone.
JJ: Apply a little bit on the eyelid. Some people look at green from the lid to the eyebrow. Just apply it on the lid. All people, all skintones can use color!
G-116061270: How long does the process take to do hair and makeup for a video shoot and how many makeup artists are on staff to get everyone ready?
Eve: We usually have a 2 hour call time. If we’re scheduled to shoot at 10 we begin at 8. 2 hours for myself is enough time.
JJ: The dancers – they’re pretty much the same. If there are 10 dancers I would have 3-4 makeup artists and it would take 3-4 hours.
Leora: Was your video your idea to use the MAC products, how did it come about?
Eve: I’ve always been a MAC girl, even before I became a Viva Glam spokesperson. MAC has always been so supportive of me and my career, so when I saw the C-Shock collection, it just matched perfectly with the look and feel of my video.
Glamour_girl: What?s Eve?s skincare regimen?
Eve: If I have on makeup before bed, and I stress to wash your makeup off before bed, I like to use MAC Wipes. Before bed if I don’t have much makeup on, I use a mild cleanser with a toner (I love witchhazel). I stress that moisturizer is very important!
Colorbrand: How would you say your look and style have evolved since you first broke onto the music scene?
Eve: It’s definitely more refined, though now, I probably use more color. It’s not as heavy as it used to be.
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Martine: Eve, your lips looked fantastic in the C Shock looks. Which lipgelee did you like best?
Eve: Oh, the She-Boom!
rose: JJ – after a couple of hours wearing makeup my face gets really oily especially around the nose area what would you suggest i use to prevent this and without taking off my makeup and reapply it again
Leora: lipstick or lipgloss girl?
Eve: Lipgloss!
JJ: I would use the blot tissue to remoe the oil firs. After that, I would apply some blot powder. But definitely want to remove the oil first.
peachprincess: Hi JJ! I’m just joining now, so I don’t know if anyone’s already asked you this: what are your top 3 most favorite, can’t-live-without products in your kit?
JJ: Oh wow, I love all of them all. Definitely Studio Tech and I would say definitely Mascara X and Lipglass too.
jenlomba: I love your style – where do you buy your clothes?
Eve: Hmm! Well, if I’m in New York, one of my favorite stores is Intermix. But here in LA, I would say Tracy Ross or Satine.
yura: What brought you into wearing MAC?
Eve: Hmmm, I guess I was introduced to it, it was one of those names you had to try. I was drawn in to the store when I first saw it.
G-114854107: Please ask her: Before you were a spokeperson, did you know about the MAC VIVA GLAM campaign?
Eve: Oh yes, I definitely did!
Rana: What comes first — the makeup (look) or the outfit?
Eve: The outfit – becuase then you need to figure out what make-up look to put together.
JJ: We design the make-up around the outfit!
Hawaiian_Sophie: How long does it take you to do your own makeup?
Eve: OMG, I have gotten it DOWN. I would have to say 11 minutes? I swear! About 10 minutes maybe.
Eugene: how did you meet your make up artist?
Eve: Through my hair stylist.
allison: what would you recommend as universal flattering lipsticks?
Eve: Oh wow…it’s one of my favorites…it’s Lip Gelee in Jellybabe. And I LOVE the classic Ru Paul Viva Glam Lipstick. I think it looks great on everyone.
Colorbrand: JJ, what are some makeup DONT’S that you see women repeating over and over again? Tell us what bad trends we should avoid with a passion, especially for us women of color?
JJ: Definitely go into a MAC store and visit a counter. They’re educated and know what they’re doing and get your foundation matched for you. Base is the most important thing in make-up. Get matched to your perfect shade. Being too oily – set your foundation with a loose powder or use your blot film.
JJ: It’s all about skin – don’t overdo it.
Eve: Pretty much, yeah. But I don’t think that anyone can do what JJ does for my face at all! And she didn’t pay me to say that! LOL
blin: I love all of the Eve C Shock looks! Which is most like the “real” you?
Eve: Probably the Lil’ Sizzler look.
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allison: what time period have you looked back at yourself and go”what was i thinking” whether it was makeup or clothes
Nikki: What do you recommend for a moisturizer?
Eve: I would say Studio Moisture Fix. It’s GREAT under makeup and it’s hydrating!
Eve: Oh my goodness. I had a few of those. I would say for a bit I had light purplish pinky hair for a bit – the make-up was too heavy and dark for me. And it wasn’t JJ doing my make-up by the way! That was in 2000 or 2001.
Lisat: How are you enjoying being a spokesperson for Viva Glam?
Eve: I’m LOVING it, actually. I love it because, just seeing the passion from John, and it trickles out through the company. By getting the information out there to people. I feel really proud to be a part of it.
Martine: Eve, who is the best make-up wearer in your opinion?
Eve: Good question! They don’t wear it like they used to! I love old Hollywood style, Marilyn Monroe – the cat eyes look!
Eugene: i’ve notice your eyelashes have changed. Are they mac lashes as well if so what number?
Eve: #7. Those are my favorite favorite favorite lashes.
JJ: eve has really long lashes already, but for the video we used #7 to enhance it
Bella: what are some key things to remember when applying eyeshadow?
JJ: Make sure you have great MAC brushes! 2 of my favorite brushes are #252 and #224. They really make a difference with the application of the product.
kathleen: How can you keep your face from looking cakey from powder makeup?
JJ: Apply it with a brush…try Brush #150. You really want to blend that powder out, so you get a much lighter application.
Leora: Hi Eve!!!!!!!!! What do you use on your body for that dewy flawless look at night?
Eve: Definitely Face & Body Tint.
Makeup_Girl: How long has JJ been a makeup artist?
JJ: Since I was BORN! I was doing make-up on my guy cousins and making them drag queens. I think I started doing make-up when I was probably around 18 years old. I had a little office set up and I was doing all the prom girls and guys. I didn’t know I was good at it. It took one teacher from my cosmetology class. I’ve learned alot from drag queens about make-up and working for MAC for over 11 years I learned so much. And I still learn today! You’re never too good to stop learning. Take the Master Classes!
Carla: JJ: If someone only had time to squeeze in one step in the morning, what would you say is the one thing no one should leave home without doing?
JJ: I think, again, I’m a skin person, foundation. The Face And Body, just a little with fingers or a sponge. If you walk out without smooth, dewy skin, it throws off the whole look.
kaboomgal: Eve, what celeb do you have a secret crush on and what MAC lipstick would you wear to smooch him?!!!
Eve: Ooh that’s a good one. Let’s see…won’t be a secret for long! Probably (this is bad, too, because I just finished a movie with him), Daniel Craig! And I hope his girlfriend doesn’t read this because she’s really nice
Eve: I would smooch him with my Malibu Barbie Lipstick!!
ariella: do you use highlighter on your skin?
Eve: Well, I use the bronzer…the Golden Bronze. I’ll lightly put it on my cheekbone and one the bridge of my nose and my brow.
kathleen: When I put on makeup, it doesn’t really doesn’t show in pictures. How can I apply it so it does?
JJ: And I use Glimmer Shimmers on her, too
Eve: You have to take my Master Classes so you can use my tricks! When you take pictures and you are working with lighting, you kind of have to use a double layer. Maybe layer your eye shadows a little more and apply a lipstick and layer on a gloss. It’s important to wear False Lashes, so your eyes look really defined.
caligal: If you weren’t a recording artist what would you be doing with your life?
Eve: I would have been a make-up artist. Right before I got my first record deal I was looking into schools for industry and movie make-up. I would have been a little JJ!
macfan: JJ, I have fair skin, how do you recommend us to wear the bright colors in c shock? would we use it the same way you did on eve?
Eve: No, you would use a lighter application, so just add a wash of color on the eyelid. Also for fair skin, I think bronzer’s great. So when you apply your foundation, add a little bronzer. So always do a sheer wash.
kathleen: What kind of makeup would you say is best for taking photoshoots?
JJ: For photoshoots, I love Studio Tech! When I’m using them, I like to blend lighter to medium to darker tones on the skin. I like using the Invisible Powder for light skin and the yellow Pro loose powder for darker skins.
G-116061270: Eve, what???s you health and fitness regimen to maintain your beautiful figure?
Eve: Oh Wow. I love you for asking this! I’m lazy! God is good! LOL. But if there’s a video or photo shoot coming up, I’m a 3-week warrior workout person. I don’t starve myself, but I just eat better, increase my water amount and I try to work out at least 4 times a week. But just make sure your diet is right, it really helps to maintain your weight.
evie: what are your tips for applying pencil eyeliner?
JJ: For fair skin you can just apply the pencil but if you’re working with dark skin I recommend warming it up in your palm. Smolder or the greens look really nice.
Makeupbag: Can you give us an inside scoop as to what your next video look will be?!
Eve: Oh wow, we just shot it actually. The next video is definitely cleaner. It’s more realistic and dancehall with Sean Paul. There is a black light scene, JJ applied some neon colours. It’s kind of like a wet look.
rappy: Hi Eve, Are you excited about the success of Tambourine? All my girlfriends LOVE that song? When will you announce the winner of the Shake your Tambourine Contest?
Eve: I’m VERY excited about it. I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know if people would like it. We’ll be announcing the winner soon!
Leora: Whats next for you Eve?
Eve: The album comes out August 7th, so that’s definitely important. My clothing line Fetish is being re-launched and that will be out sometime this Fall. And the new Viva Glam ads will be out then, too!
Bella: JJ your work is amazing! Do you have a website wear we can see more of your work?
JJ: Thank you! I have a column on Hot 97. and you can scroll down to All Things Hot and click on that and go to Page 2 and it takes you right into myspace through Hot 97!
JJ: This is a mistake that a lot of women make…they go really light and it looks ashy. I would keep it 1 shade lighter than your foundation–only for dark circles. You don’t want to got TOO light with dark circles.
Eugene: did jj do your make up for the bet awards ?
Eve: Oh yes!!
macfan: are you a bigger makeup fan? or a bigger fashion fan?
Eve: Make-up is fashion!
Bella: JJ- have you tried the MAC Liquidlast Liners and if so how do you like them?
JJ: I LOVE them. I love the gold and bronze colors. It’s great because they really stay on.
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: We have 10 minutes remaining to our live chat event. Please submit your final questions.
G-116096614: Eve your eyebrows are perfect. So you use a pencil to fill them in?
JJ: Eve likes to wear the black to do a Marilyn Monroe cat eye look.
JJ: Yes – we use Lingering. It’s really her own brown – just a little extended at the outer corner of your eye.
blin: You are a fantastic role model. What is your motto in life?
Eve: Oh, thank you!! I would say…my motto in life is: Positivity and appreciating your happiness. Feeling blessed even on your worse really helps get you through life.
Carla: Eve, did you use any products from upcoming collections in your Give It To You video with Sean Paul?
JJ: Yes! We used this beautiful red pigment to line Eve’s eyes.
diana: hi girls! JJ what did you use on E-V-E’s skin in the video?? It’s bomalicious!
JJ: Again, we used the Face And Body Founation, a little of the Studio Mist Foundation and the Golden Bronze Loose Powder,
G-116061158: Eve, do you match your makeup to your clothes?
Eve: Yes, if we’re doing something specific like a video, tv or a show, definitely.
Reem: Eve, who would you love to collaborate with?
Eve: But in real life, I keep it simple
Eve: Lauren Hill. She’s my top person.
Eugene: is jj your make up artist and stylist?
Eve: I do have a clothing stylist, Lisa Michelle.
Eugene: Where do you see Eve’s look going this fall? as far as make up?
JJ: Extra black cream liner, a little bit thicker…like Brigitte Bardot. More silvers and break away from the golds a little bit. Less bronzer and more like a matted lip.
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: There is 5 minutes remaining. Please submit your final questions.
JennyFur: Eve, where do you get insipration for your looks and music?
peachprincess: Eve, what color lip pencil do you use to get the perfect nude glossy mouth?
Eve: Reggae music is the only music I listen to. As far as looks, I try to trust my own instincts. Whatever looks good and feels good is what I wear.
Eve: I never use lip pencil on my own. But if JJ does it for me, I love using Subculture.
JJ: Oh definitely you are going to get a lot lighter application so it doesn’t get so cakey.
Reem: JJ what is your number one makeup tip?
JJ: Make sure you wear the right color foundation. There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman or man with a line on their jaw!
Bella: JJ- what is the most creative thing you have ever done with MAC makeup?
JJ: The new MAC ad campaign with Eve. It’s in the Africa issue of Vanity Fair!
Bella: would you recomment using liquid eye liner on the bottom, or do you prefer a pencil?
JJ: I prefer a pencil.
Eve: Thanks to everyone for logging in and chatting with us. Thanks to everyone out there supporting MAC Cosmetics and Viva Glam!
Eve: Thanks to everyone and stay tuned for my next video! CD is in stores August 7th! Buy Viva Glam!
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Thank You for participating in the MAC Cosmetics Live Chat Event with Eve and Makeup Artist, JJ.
MAC_Cosmetics_Moderator: Eve and JJ have now logged off.

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