Benefit D’Finer D’Liner

We’ve never been a big fan of lip liner for fear of looking like Kim Mathers or worse.

With lip liner, if you don’t stay on top of freshening up your lipstick, the dreaded “outline” is bound to rear its ugly head.

Not anymore. The genius girls at Benefit have introduced D’finer D’liner, a CLEAR lip liner that keeps lipstick from feathering by creating an invisible barrier.

We put D’finer D’liner to the test with a lipstick we love but hardly ever wear because the formula tends to bleed on us (and regular liner is too risky!). The results: IT WORKS.

We lined the outside edge of our lips with this invisible liner and our lipstick stayed put. No feathering or bleeding, and no dreaded outline. Now we can wear our favorite lipsticks with abandon—watch out boys.

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