Boots No7 on the Today Show!

Did y’all see the Today Show this morning where they featured Boots No7 and the UK version of Restore & Renew? (If you missed it, like we did, the video clip is still available to see here.)

Have these people never stepped foot into Target?

Don’t they know that Restore & Renew is basically the exact formula as the UK’s Protect & Perfect? And it’s totally available in the US at Target and select CVS pharmacies?

As much as we love Matt Lauer, we’re kind of disappointed that his misinformation is keeping our nation’s women from getting their hands on their very own bottle of Restore & Renew for just $19.99 at their local Target.

Spread the word, girls. Tell everyone you know. (But wait until tomorrow, after we’ve bought out the entire stock in our area!)

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  • Hi – I’m finally getting back to life after having the baby! I saw this piece yesterday and was wondering the exact same thing! And the two “experts” that Matt was talking to kept agreeing that Boots wasn’t available in the US – I was very confused. But maybe it’s a good thing that all of the US didn’t get tipped off to Restore & Renew being available at Target – more for us!

  • I have a bottle of the Restore and Renew and so far its great! I think the cat is out of the bag though because its getting really hard to find. Damn cult beauty products! I wonder what ingredient had to be changed in order for it to be available in the US? Weird.


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