Vavoooooom, Part II

Vavoom Freezing SprayA while back we told you about Matrix Vavoom’s incredibly volumizing Bust Out Body Shampoo & Conditioner and how they give us the extra volume our hair craves.

While we still look to these black and red bottles in the shower each morning, we have found yet another Vavoom product to give our hair fabulous volume: Vavoom Freezing Spray.

This super strong hairspray adds texture and lift to our fine hair and keeps the volume lasting all day long.

In fact this is such a hot commodity in the Makeup Bag household, we have to hide it from the clutches of Thing One and Thing Two. These girls have super-magic powers that can sense a good beauty product from miles away. If there is even a remote chance that a product will be a hit, they are all over it. And because they are teenagers, and care about nothing more than how they look, this means we will find the product without a cap, half-empty on their bathroom floor. If we’re lucky.

For this reason, we must hide the Vavoom Freezing Spray and keep it all to ourself. It’s THAT good.

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