MAC Tendertones

Mmmmm, MAC Tendertones are right up our alley. Lip Balm with SPF that looks like a silky gloss and tastes like strawberry-kiwi is better than an afternoon off from work!

MAC Tendertones

There’s nine delicious colors to choose from:

  • Deep Sigh Sheer bronze with red pearl
  • Softnote Sheer lilac with blue/purple pearl
  • Hush, Hush Sheer peach with gold pearl
  • Warm Smile Sheer pinkish brown
  • Purring Sheer tangerine with pearl
  • Tender Baby Sheer watermelon pink
  • Shush! Sheer lime green with multicolour pearl
  • Take A Hint Sheer intense mid-tone pink
  • Pucker Sheer raspberry pink

We’ll have to wait until May 31st when Tendertones will be available at all MAC locations nationwide.

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  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MAC seriously needs to stop!! Where am I gonna find the money to get everything that I want???!?! :)

    jennii (Reply)
  • they are just another gloss in a pot…they look cute but tiny! like the fluidline pots. i’ll probably still get shush! though haha..

    rowan (Reply)
  • those look awesome!

    oh i know this has nothing to do with the post but…

    Can you recommend me a sunblock for the face? I will be playing in the tennis team soon for my high school and I need sunblock! I have a bit of acne so that makes it so much harder to find a sunblock that doesn’t make me break out more. I’ve been using Keihl’s water based sunscreen but I don’t really like it that well…

    Genevieve (Reply)
  • I love this idea, but I tend to ignore my pot lip colors in favor of the easier-to-apply tube or wand types – especially for a balm/gloss product that I would want to apply throughout the day. Still, I may have to take a look at Deep Sigh or Pucker (is that the one at the top of the picture?). We’ll see.

  • Wooow! .. 😀

  • These are so cute. I have Deep Sigh and Pucker but I plan on getting Warm Smile and Shush! also. They are soft and very sheer. They’re great as a treatment before lipgloss or lipstick or alone for a casual outing like the beach. The pots are also adorable…Two thumbs up!

    La Faraona (Reply)

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