Silky Soft Skin

Have you ever tried rice pudding? It’s like tapioca, only better- sweet and creamy with tons of texture. Add fruit and we can’t think of a better dessert. (Except maybe Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins).

When we opened KenzoKi Milky-Rice Body Scrub, our first reaction was to grab a spoon.

KenzoKi Milky Rice Body Scrub

While this body scrub looks and feels like rice pudding, it smells nothing of the sort.

We’ve been trying for days to come up with a good description of how this smells- but the only word we’ve mustered is gentle. It could be that this “scrub” is not like any other scrub in our shower. This gently exfoliates with soft, pillowy grains of rice that feel more like a massage than exfoliation, leaving our skin feeling smooth and moisturized. While gentle is certainly not a scent, this is exactly what KenzoKi Milky-Rice Body Scrub smells like to us.

And honestly, we could use this every day for the next year and not tire of it.

KenzoKi Milky Rice Body Scrub, $35

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