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So, the new Shu Uemura eyelash curler arrived yesterday. (Don’t ask why it took FOREVER to get here. Because if you did ask, we’d have to tell you that we accidentally checked the “ground” shipping method, instead of one of the more speedy options available. And then, like an idiot, we cursed poor Shu for days when the damn thing didn’t come when we expected it to. How rude of us.)

The first thing we noticed after opening the shiny white box is that the new curler looks identical to the previous version. No joke. Identical.

We even called customer service, because, isn’t this supposed to look different? This is the NEW! version, shouldn’t it look new? What is the purpose of having a new version if it doesn’t even look new?! After a few Q&A (what day was it ordered? was the box matte white or shiny white? was the mailman wearing crew socks or knee highs?) the rep assured us that the eyelash curler we received is definitely the new version.

Of course we didn’t believe her, because we remember reading that the handle would be longer.

And we like to be right.

After searching through our trashed emails for the next hour, we finally found the original release that said the new eyelash curler had an “upgraded frame length and ergonomic handle to ensure optimum stability.” How we interpreted that as “longer handle” we’ll never know. That was probably the morning we had 2 bottles of wine and a pint of Jack Daniels for breakfast.

Whatever. Longer handle, or not. This new curler rocks. (But then, so did the old one.)

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  • My Shu arrived as well. Your post is a bit kind–I will comment that Shu’s ground shipping seems to take much longer than other makeup online sites, it did take an unusually long time for my eyelash curler to get here. Like you, I didn’t notice a tremdous difference with the new curler–the difference was subtle. As it was time to replace my older one anyway, I had a hard time discerning whether the difference was merely because the old one had simply worn out.

    Anyway, not worth tossing a perfectly good curler for–but definitely first in line if you are replacing one! :)

  • I’ve been thinking of buying a new one and am thinking of this. If I asked you the question “The old Shu or the new one?” and I wanted a clear cut answer, how would you reply??

    I happen to have a really hard time differentiating any type of eyelash curler as it is…


    Kaye (Reply)

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