Note to self: next time, wear sensible shoes

We just arrived home from a one-day business trip to Salt Lake City that began at 3:30 this morning.

Sort of.

Our alarm was set for 3:30 a.m. but since we were up until well after midnight last night trying to get our photo-banner-thingy on our new site to work (we were unsuccessful, but it’s finally working now — yay!) we lingered in bed for half a second before getting up.

Sort of.

When we opened our eyes, it was 4:22 a.m — meaning, we had precisely 8 minutes to get ourself ready and out the door.

After screaming a few expletives to no one in particular while turning circles of confusion in our dark bedroom, we realized nothing would change the fact that the airport is 30 miles away and we needed to be there by 5:00 a.m.

We quickly pulled our hair into a messy-chic ponytail (our favorite day-two-hair look), threw some makeup into our tote bag with the intention of applying it after we made it safely through the security line, and slipped on the worst shoes we could have possibly selected for travelling. (What can we say, we hadn’t had our coffee yet.)

Where we were lacking in shoe-choosing abilities, we totally made up for in our Makeup Bag. After just ten minutes in the airport bathroom we showed no evidence of having less than 4 hours of sleep and actually felt confident and ready to take on our busy day.

Our must-have beauty items? (We thought you’d never ask.)

TheBalm Hot MamaTheBalm Hot Mama, a multi-tasking peachy pink highlighting blush that instantly flatters and illuminates a sub-par complexion, giving the fresh-faced illusion of well rested skin.Prescriptives Site Unseen

Prescriptives Site Unseen, a brand new concealer from Prescriptives that has SPF 15, helps to visibly firm skin, and comes in a convenient mess-free pen that’s perfect for girls on the go.

Brown Cross Lashes, a Makeup Bag quick-fix for days when we need a little extra help. We love how these give our lashes fullness without being over the top.

Aside from having to walk six blocks in three-inch pumps, our day in Salt Lake City turned out better than we imagined. We caught up with an old friend, Melissa, over lunch and dished about our favorite beauty products and some SECRETS (because what are friends for if not a little hot gossip?) before heading off to our meeting.

Now we’re finally home and laughing to ourself because Melissa just left us a message that she stopped by the cosmetics counter on her way home and threw down $200 on some of our product recommendations.

Now, that’s what friends are for.

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