Mi Amour


We’ve hit paydirt with Kenzo’s latest fragrance, KenzoAmour. (Yes, we know ‘latest’ means- EIGHT MONTHS AGO, but we’ve been kind of busy.)

Since discovering this incredible fragrance just days ago, we can’t stop applying it- or sniffing ourself for that matter. Where have you been our entire life, Amour?

With notes of frangipani, cherry, rice (we didn’t realize rice had a scent, but it’s the same wonderfulness that we found in KenzoKi Milky-Rice Body Scrub) and a glorious vanilla that lingers and lingers and lingers, this fragrance has had us swooning since Friday.

At just $48 for one ounce of eau de parfum spray, this is a scent that every girl should have.

KenzoAmour, $48-$85

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  • definitely, this one’s been my staple since january, i LOVE it!!!

  • Aaaah yes I must try it! As of late I have purchased the new scent Hypnose by Lancome and it is DA BOMB DIGGITY!

    gwen (Reply)

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