MAC C Shock

MAC C Shock

Product Girl is going to LOVE this new MAC collection.

Just look at the bright, bold colors C Shock has to offer. Definitely a color shock that will have heads turning! While we’re not a turquoise-lipstick-yellow-eyeshadow kind of girl, who can resist an eyeshadow named Going Bananas?

On June 14th we’ll be beating down the door of our local MAC store to see these colors in person and we won’t be leaving without Pomposity.

MAC C Shock


  • Blast O’Blue Sheer mid-tone blue (lustre)
  • Overrich Creamy silver pink with white pearl (glaze)
  • Out To Shock Soft metallic coral with silver pearl (frost)
  • Vivacious Sheer mid-tone pink with silver pearl (lustre)
  • Pomposity Bright raspberry with silver and pink pearl (frost)

Lip Gelee

  • She-Boom! Creamy magenta (cream)
  • Lil’ Sizzler Metallic peach with pink and white pearl (frost)
  • Mega Soft metallic lavender with silversparkle (frost)
  • Sugar Shock Sheer red berry (cream)

Eye Shadow

  • Going Bananas Soft lemon yellow (frost)
  • Eyepopping Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl (satin)
  • Wondergrass Intense kiwi green (frost)
  • Big T Intense aqua with green pearl (frost)
  • Fab & Flashy Mid-tone orange with gold pearl (frost)
  • Bang On Blue Royal blue with pink pearl (frost)
  • Romping Rich Magenta with pink pearl (frost)
  • Passionate Bright clean red (matte)

This collection is available beginning June 14th at all MAC locations.

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  • gotta love staying up to date and the wonderful visuals from the makeupbag! thanks! i look forward to the collection. i was expecting more mattes, but I guess making them frost, makes them a bit more wearable… what about the blue lipstick. is it a trend coming/can it actually be wearable? or mainly for stage makeup i wonder?

  • Hey Kia :) I don’t think I’ll be partaking in the blue lipstick trend, but it looks awesome on the model, no?

  • OMG! my mouth just about dropped when i saw the blue and purple lipstick on the model. and eight shadows, damn my bank account is protesting already. lol. cant wait for june 14th, it will be marked down on my calendar.

    marci (Reply)
  • Thank u so much for the info!! I love how the model looks but i don’t think those colors look good on me =( maybe 1 or 2… =)

  • I do have a soft spot for bold color. :) Not sure about the blue, but I do know that I will probably snap up the eyeshadows and lip gelees.

  • I do love my MAC. Fab & Flashy sounds like it will look gorgeous with a golden tan, or maybe even on much darker skin. Sounds beautiful, I can’t wait to get my hands on this! June 14th, perfect timing for a cool treat during the hot summer heat and the day after my birthday. Gotta love it!

  • DAYUM!!! Those are awesome colors to try for the summer…Hope I dont look like a clown!

    Gwen (Reply)
  • I’m so happy they have l/e Lip Gelee’s! They are way yummier than lipglass. And Blast O Blue looks phenominal. I hope it’s actually that bright.

  • I can’t wait to buy all these…I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting most if not all of the eyeshadows. Not interested in the blue lipstick, when I was a kid and thought I was “punk” I tried that look–hideous. But I am adoring the bright colored eyeshadows!

    marginal (Reply)
  • no worries with the blue ladies! blast o’ blue is actually a sheer lipstick, so once it is placed on the lips, it will diffuse with your natural lip color and appear more lavender. the visual for the lipstick is more exaggerated. if a bold blue is something you are trying to achieve, or any other color of the rainbow, try your local PRO location. and trust me, the c-shock colors are very vivid, so keeping them more frosted and shimmery does make them more wearable. hope this helps.

    celise (Reply)
  • OK, a sheer color that appears like a nice lavendar makes sense. For example, Orchidazzle looked pretty darn purple in the tube but looks soooo light and beautiful on the lips!

    marginal (Reply)
  • blue lipstick can look really good but you have to make sure to apply purple first because if it wears off then it wont just be your pink lips sticking out. Ive tried blue lipstick and one things for certain: you must have white teeth. Even on days when I thought my teeth were white, they looked yellow as corn when I put the blue lipstick on, so make sure you whiten your teeth before applying any blue, purple or green lipstick. It actually looks really hot, but its always wise to balance the look out with pink or red eyeshadow and always perfect the shape of the lips with an indigo liner. Have fun experimenting! It looks great on anyone younger than 30.

    Pandora (Reply)

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