Finally a Product Body review

We’ve been reading about Product Body and their incredible line of bath & body products for nearly a year but only tried them for the first time last week. Finally.

Product Body Crush on You

We were most excited to try Crush On You, the Ultra Plush Sugar Shea Scrubby Wash that everyone’s talking about. While the scent we tried, Yuzu, was a little too citrus-y for us, the product itself is INCREDIBLE. Our skin is so smooth and soft, we feel like we’ve had a glycolic treatment over our entire body.

(And you probably don’t know who The Jets are because you were probably born in the 80’s and have skin so incredible you’ve never even heard of a glycolic treatment much less experienced one, but every time we use this product we get Crush on You by The Jets stuck in our head.) (Shut up. It was 1986 and we didn’t know any better.)

The bad thing about Crush On You is that our husband discovered it and can’t keep his hands off it. He’s enchanted with the Yuzu scent. Of course he’ll never admit this (in fact he might just show the kids our secret stash of Milk Duds if he finds out we’ve told you) but he’s referring to our Crush On You as if it were his. When we tried to hide it from him he was all Where did you put my scrubby stuff ?

Product Body Cream

We also tried the Product Body Cream, also in Yuzu, and OHMYGOD this stuff is like nothing we’ve tried before. In a futile attempt to describe this to our friend we were like It’s sooooo soft. And cushiony. And creamy. And soft. You HAVE to try it.

I’m sure she thinks we’re nuts.

But seriously. You HAVE to try it.

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  • “I found out … I’ve got a crush on you!” Loved that song! As well as “You Got It All Over Him.”

  • Ha!!! I am the 80’s missy! I loved that song! Love this scrub too…

  • A new look – new label design and new scents…. including pecan praline with red sprinkles…… smells like cake and frosting.

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