Whipped cream for the eyes

One of our favorite rituals of the day is the half hour prior to bedtime when we stand before our bathroom sink and prepare our skin for the peaceful 8 hours of sleep ahead.

Or the not-so-peaceful 6 hours of sleep ahead. (Who are we kidding? We have a pre-schooler that somehow ends up in our bed almost every night, no matter how many times we’ve begged, pleaded and bribed her to sleep on her own.)KenzoKi Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream

Needless to say, restless nights wreak havoc on our complexion. This is why we savor the moments before bed by lingering a little longer than we probably should at the sink with our beloved jars and bottles of face cream. It’s the perfect way to end the day.

And, thanks to KenzoKi Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream, it’s the perfect way to start the morning.

When applied before bed this incredibly silky eye cream goes to work without any effort from us whatsoever. None. Nada. Zilch.

The original formula of white lotus, essential oils and mineral salts, along with some other fancy ingredients, creates a zen-like eye cream that has us looking forward to bedtime. Gently patted around our eyes (with the ring finger, girls. Always the ring finger) KenzoKi Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream tames puffiness and dark areas while relieving tired eyes.

Our eyes haven’t looked this rested since, well, um… (We would mention the whole pre-schooler in our bed thing, but then you might be all SHUT UP about that already, just put the damn kid in her bed and don’t let her get up. Who’s the parent anyway? and then we might have to wonder if you really even need this eye cream because you obviously live a stress-free life while enjoying 12 hours of sleep every night. And you probably eat all of your vegetables, too.)

KenzoKi Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream, $45

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  • Erika~ I love your posts! You have such a witty sense of humor!

    Ginger (Reply)
  • Girl you just keep it coming with the products! This one sounds DIVINE! and yes wonderful sense of humor!

    Gwen (Reply)
  • OH!!!! where can I get this?

    Gwen (Reply)
  • We both know how impossible it is to keep our 4yr olds in their bed! I need this eye cream- I’m looking older every morning! Any cream for the stiff back from all the kicking?? Kennedy’s killing me!!!!! :)


    Kimberli (Reply)
  • Kimberli! Jody and I were just talking about you guys today. We need to get together soon!

  • Great post Erika!

    I love the Kenzoki skincare line. My fav product is the ice cold eye cream – it feels fab in the am!

  • I am going to run out and purchase this tomorrow. Is it available in department stores? I have the same problem with my 6 year old!

  • May have to give that a try-I have a five year-old and a three year-old in bed with me some nights (at least they try). And I’m crazy enough to be doing the whole thing again!!!

    Renee (Reply)

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