Prescriptives Summer 2007: The Vibrants

As much as we love us some shimmer, we begin to look like the reflector on the front of our 10-speed bike if we aren’t careful. With highlighting foundation, brightening concealer, shimmering blush and glowing bronzer- it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll frighten the neighbors with our super-powered glow as we leave the house each morning.

This is why we’re so excited about Prescriptives new matte bronzer, part of their Summer 2007 Collection, The Vibrants.

Prescriptives Summer 2007: The Vibrants
With two new shades of Colorscope Cheek Color in Bronzer- Light and Bronzer- Medium we can add just the right amount of sun-kissed goodness to our face without overdoing it. Especially if we use the Prescriptives Bronzer Brush, which allows more control in application than any other bronzer brush we’ve tried.

Also in this collection we found a new shade of Tint Balm for the Lips called Caramel that would be one of the three items we’d take with us if we were to be stranded on a desert island (the other two would be Anthelios SX and a journal).

Caramel Tint Balm for the LipsWe admit the color looks scary in the tube, but please give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed in the barely-there caramel color or gentle hint of vanilla. Caramel Tint Balm is lip balm perfection. (Apparently we’re not the only one who thinks this- Caramel Tint Balm is temporarily sold out on, but your local counter might still have it.)

There’s also an incredible new self-tanner called Sunsheen Custom Color that we can’t wait to tell you about. Watch for our Self-Tanner Review, appearing soon, for more details.

View the entire Prescriptives Summer 2007: The Vibrants collection here.

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  • Hello!
    Do you think that the tint balm would look good with olive (I’m asian) skintones?

    Oh and I was looking at your post of MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels and do you think that would be good for teenaged skin?

    Genevieve (Reply)
  • erika!!!! email me about BlogHer!


  • Hi Genevieve, The Caramel Tint Balm would look great with olive skin tones. It’s a very sheer color- you will LOVE it!

    And I just heard back from MD Skincare regarding your question. They say the Alpha-Beta Daily Face Peel is great for teenage skin. With 5 different types of acids (Citric, Glycolic, Lactic, Malic & Salicylic) this product is ideal for treating many different skin types, including teenage skin which has a tendency to be more prone to breakouts.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • For whatever it’s worth, Caramel Tint Balm is sold out at every Prescriptives counter in Marin County, California.

  • Thanks! Oh I was wondering if you would recommend me a stretch-mark removing/reducing cream or lotion? I grew too fast hence the marks.

    Genevieve (Reply)
  • Karen, that’s crazy! I wonder if they’re doing it on purpose- it just barely came out…

  • Hi all!

    Hello, my compliments for your nice website!


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