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Our sister was visiting from Texas this weekend and had fun raiding our Makeup Bag. In addition to about THIRTY other items, she left with our Pink Shimmer Brick. We haven’t used it in over a year so we shouldn’t be sad about seeing it go, but we totally are. In fact, we’re feeling rather guilty that we didn’t spend more time with it.

When we woke up this morning and saw the new Sandstone Shimmer Brick on the Bobbi Brown website, we knew that all would be well in the world.

Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer Brick

This newest color of shimmer powder by Bobbi Brown is perfect for giving fair skin like ours a warm bronzy glow, and just what we need to forget about Pink and move on with our life.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Collection

(If Sandstone is not the color for you, there’s surely another Shimmer Brick to make you happy. And pretty.)

See Bobbi Brown’s entire Make Up & Go Collection here.

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  • If I could fit in your shoes, I would of taken a few of those, too! Can’t wait to try my pink brick – gotta love a sister who is a makeup freak. Thanks for letting me walk your dogs and having such beautiful babies who love me almost as much as I love them.

    Monica (Reply)
  • hate to bring back more pangs of guilt, but the pink shimmer brick is fabulous. i use it all the time.

    i’m sure the sandstone will be a worthy replacement though 😉

    kamo (Reply)
  • I just picked up my first shimmerbrick (peony) and now I see what all the hype is about! I can’t wait to expand my collection!

    Amanda (Reply)

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