And we thought we loved corn on the cob

Cargo PlantLove Pink Lip Box Set

Did you know that these Cargo PlantLove lipstick tubes are made entirely out of CORN?

CORN! How fab is that?

Already Cargo makes some of the best lip products available, and these 100% compostable lipstick tubes makes us love them even more.

In this PlantLove Pink Lip Box Set, there are two PlantLove lipsticks in Sagamaratha (sheer rosey taupe cream) and Lindsay (sheer pink cream), PurseGloss in London (glimmering iridescent pearl), and Reverse Lip Liner.

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! (While looking pretty, of course).

CARGO PlantLove™ Pink Lip Box Set Pink Lip Box Set, $59

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  • I love this concept, and was so happy when I saw Cargo did a box set of these new lipsticks – it definitely takes the sting out of buying them individually! Maybe some sweet soul will buy me this (I’m gunning for the Berry Lip set) for Easter or Mothers’ Day or my birthday…or just because. I really hope this is just the beginning of an eco-friendly turn for cosmetic companies! By the way, you didn’t mention that the lipstick’s carton is made of flower paper that you water and can grow flowers from – too cute!

    corinneyb (Reply)

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