So, have you made the trek to your local Chanel counter to see the spring collection yet?Chanel Noir Ceramic

Did you get yourself a bottle of Noir Ceramic?

We did.

It is lovely and sparkly and mysterious all at once, as if it were keeping a deep dark secret and can’t bear to hold it in a second longer.

If you weren’t lucky enough to snag a bottle at your local Chanel counter, now is your chance.

We have an extra. Just for you!

In return, we’re interested to know if any of the products we’ve mentioned here at Makeup Bag have inspired you to go out and try them for yourself.

We’re not sure we would have ever tried Amande Shower Oil had we not read about it on Beauty Addict, and we specifically sought out a Kevyn Aucoin counter while on a business trip after seeing his Sensual Skin Enhancer on DeLush. Now these products are two of our favorites thanks to Kristen and Melissa.

Please leave us a comment and tell us if we’ve inspired you to try a particular beauty product, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for your very own bottle of Noir Ceramic.

*January 4th Update: Amy L. is the lucky winner of the bottle of Noir Ceramic. Congratulations Amy!

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  • I’ve only seen the Madness nail color, and want both that AND the Noir Ceramic! Ooh, I see the sequin eye color is already out of stock.

    The Smashbox Tokidoki Artificial Light looks like something I can use, too.

    Aloha, Soos

  • Several of your posts leave me with new lemmings, but most recently, your post on Cover Girl’s Volume Exact mascara led me straight to my local Target. I’m constantly trying new mascaras, and I usually read mascara reviews and move on with my life with the belief that it can never be as good for me as it is for the reviewer. But the timing of your post was good – I needed a new mascara, and the price of Cover Girl is definitely within budget. I tried the mascara twice and then ran out to buy one for every gal on my Christmas list! It’s that good!

    Oh, and the Amande Shower Oil is at the top of the list of things to buy with the Sephora gift cards I received for Christmas :)

    corinneyb (Reply)
  • I tried the MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Peel after seeing your blog. I have heard a lot of raves about it, however, the price and also the word “peel” held me back. I went to Nordstrom, met the sales lady, she explained the new concept and sent me home with 3 samples. I used one the next morning and let me tell you it was the first time I saw my skin glow like that. It’s been Alpha Beta Daily Peel morning every other day since then. I’m so glad I found it – I’m on my way to foundationless days.

    Luckily I got the new luminizer (the white, silver and gold highlights) from Chanel and also the Madness nail polish (I’m wearing it now, the best dark nail polish on my skin tone). But I’m dying to try the Noir Ceramic. I don’t even need to own it, I just want to try it. You know this color is great if they don’t even have a tester for it. BTW, do you have a picture of anyone wearing the Noir Ceramic?

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • When I saw your post on the Estee Lauder Brilliant All-Over Shimmer Powder, I definately had to go check it out, and I bought it, also most items you posted about from the chanel spring line. Thanks so much, you give me a lot of great ideas!

    Alexis (Reply)
  • My checkbook will assure you that I’ve tried several products recommended on your site. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree with your reviews. But not your fault. I think I put too much pressure on the product as if it will completely change my life–which is impossible. I’ve added this to my New Years Resolutons. For instance, the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, which was purchased right before New Years. I had high hopes of concealing my recent breakout, but had soon wished I repurchased my Clea du Peu for its coverage and consistancy. I also purchased the Amande Shower Oil, but found this product to be an extra step in my routine that really had no extra value. I didn’t feel it cleaned or moisturized my skin well enough. However, I would have never purchased teh MD Skincare line if it wasn’t for your advice. I love love love the face and body peelS and the Hydro mask.

  • I must say that your review of Chanel Spring ’07 made me desire the entire thing. I’ve got most of it now (well, except for Noir Ceramic!) Your review was the earliest one available that I was able to find. The pictures you posted were gorgeous, accurate and really helpful. I’m amazed how frequently you update your site and I’ve now got you bookmarked as one of my favorites!

  • Both the Beauty Addict and the Makeup Bag inspired me to branch out and try the luscious Amande Shower Oil from L’Occitane. I use it on special days when I want to enjoy the lovely scent that’s truly feminine. Oh, and the handcream! Thanks so much!

    Take care~ Ginger

    Ginger (Reply)
  • Just reading this review makes me want to run to a Chanel counter and ooh and aah over all of these items! Reading your reviews has inspired me to branch out of the one brand of makeup I tend to buy exclusively because there are other hidden gems out there.

    Amanda (Reply)
  • I discovered your site a little while ago and have been checking it on a daily basis ever since!
    There were numerous reviews that left me wanting to jump to my local mall, like the Estee Lauder Brilliant All-Over Shimmer Powder, which was oh so pretty and glowy when put on and MAC’s new Danse collection- I purchased both Lightscapade and Glissade, which are terribly gorgeous.

    Another one of your reviews that really inspired me was the Shiseido Pureness Cleansing Sheets. I was already using the Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid, and when I read that review I just knew it was a must. And I love, love those sheets…so perfect for those days when I’m too tired to care, this product really makes life simple again!
    Ah, I look forward to reading more reviews, it really gives run out and try new brands!

    Nancy (Reply)
  • Thanks to your sample, I am now loving the Alpha Beta peel. You also converted me to Solar Oil for my cuticles. I had read Melissa’s review of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer on Delush, and was cosidering it, but your testimonial put me over the top. Keep up the good work!

    Rebecca (Reply)
  • Thanks for the info on Cover Girls “Volume Exact” mascara. Like you, I’m always on the look out for the perfect mascara and this one is very good.

    Joan Roberts (Reply)

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