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Smashbox O-Glow

Smashbox Cosmetics is releasing a revolutionary lightweight cheek gel that goes on clear and reacts to your skin leaving you with a beautiful natural flush. (Not unlike the rosy glow you get after a long run, or an unexpected compliment from someone you fancy.)

O-Glow contains Goji Berry-C Complex, a natural ingredient that is known to mimic the process of blood rushing to our cheeks when we blush.

To use, apply a pea-size amount (go easy, girls!) to your fingertip and dab onto cheeks covering areas where natural blushing occurs. The silicone base allows for ultra-smooth application and even distribution. Blend until desired look is achieved.

Voila! Glow on.

Smashbox O-Glow, $26

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  • Sounds like something I NEED!

  • I just saw this in my inbox – have you been able to try it yet? I’m always worried that cosmetics that “react to your skin” will still look to pink on me.

    corinneyb (Reply)
  • For some reason, I think this will irritate my skin. Like those lip plumper, that usually sting the hell out of my lips. For now, I’ll stick to the one you raved about – Pink Parfait from Lancome. I’m loving it.

    Stephanie (Reply)
  • Hmmm, I love the idea, but the “reacting” part scares me a bit too. I worry that it’ll make me break out or be the wrong color — or both. I love the name though.

  • I bought this at Sephora today and asked for a sample-tub of it as well. It comes out clear and quickly turns a vivid, cool-toned pink (I suspect it reacts to heat, because it sits as clear as day in the sample-tub, but turns pink in the tub where I touch it). It feels only very midlly irritating on my cheeks, and spreads easiliy enough (as it is silicone based). Depending on the amount of blood circulating to my cheeks, the color looks at times glaringly obvious or fades until I can barely make it out on my cheeks. Strange. Regardless, on me, the color looks alternately: 1) cool, rosy pink 2) garish fuschia or 3) bright, warm pink. Thank goodness I asked for a sample, because I’m not happy with O-glow and plan to return it.

    Sonia (Reply)

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