After all that we’ve been through…

Just look at these.


Hard Candy Work Out Mix

Hard Candy Break Up Mix

Hard Candy Party Mix

Hard Candy created these clever little mixed tapes called Party Mix, Workout Mix and Break Up Mix. (We’ll bet our stash in lipgloss that at least one REO Speedwagon song is on there!)

These palettes bring back memories of that one time in eighth grade when we stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG trying to catch an uninterrupted version of Prince’s Raspberry Beret on the radio for our Cheer Mix. (So lame.) (Also, thank God for iTunes!)

Workout Mix comes with three neutral eyeshadow shades in soft golden bronze shimmer, peach shimmer, and chocolate shimmer and three lip glosses in rich rose, clear with glitter, and classic red. (Makeup Bag’s favorite!)

Breakup Mix comes with lighter, more pastel eyeshadow shades in teal shimmer, white pearl, and vivid lavender and three lip glosses in sheer nude, clear with glitter, and plum shimmer.

Party Mix comes with three warm-toned eyeshados shades in rich green shimmer, soft buttery yellow shimmer, and chartreuse shimmer and three lip glosses in red with glitter, coral with glitter, and nude with glitter.

Which mix are you getting?

Hard Candy Mix Tape Makeup Palettes, $15

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  • All of them. I want them all.

  • So cute! I’d love to have them all, but I know I would never wear most of the shadow colors in the Breakup and Party mixes. So that leaves the Workout mix…I’m heading over to Sephora to add it to my list now. Hmmm…maybe I’ll get the other mixes for gifts.

    corinneyb (Reply)

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