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We’ve told you before how we are afflicted with skimpy, stick-straight eye lashes, but what you might not know is that we also have skimpy, stick-straight, finer than fine hair (thanks mom & dad!)Biolage Bodifying Creme Gel

Seriously, our hair is so fine, we can wrap a child’s hair tie around our ponytail THREE TIMES. Sad, no?

For this reason, we need some heavy duty product and a big round brush to give our hair the volume it lacks.

Recently our hair woes were solved when we found Biolage Bodifying Creme Gel. Don’t let the word ‘gel’ scare you as this wonder-product adds volume without weighing down our hair and it’s not sticky or goopy like some products we’ve tried before. We should also mention that it smells nice.

This has quickly become a morning essential for us.

Biolage Bodifying Creme Gel, available at a salon near you.

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