Mini Moonbeam

Mini MoonbeamAnything that comes mini-sized is a winner in our book.

Miniature powdered donuts, miniature roses and miniature electronics equipment all make our life worth living. Right there along with miniature lip gloss, because there’s nothing that assures us more than having a lip gloss in our pocket.

Silly? Maybe so, but we’d rather go five days without checking the mail (torture for us) than have to endure one moment without moisturized lips.

This Prescriptives Mini Moonbeam Quartet is just the right size for a stocking, evening bag, or POCKET! And the colors are fun and wearable in Orbit, Supernova, Aero and Deep Space.

With these cosmic little glosses, we can rest assured.

Prescriptives Mini Moonbeam Quartet, $26.5

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