Holiday Spirit: Part II

Back in October we told you about Estée Lauder’s new holiday collection, Holiday Spirit, and how we couldn’t wait to get our hands on Golden Nude Pure Color Crystal Lipstick. Remember that?

Well, just in time for the upcoming festivities, the Holiday Spirit collection is finally ours and honestly, we can’t stop admiring its magnificence.

You already know that we go ga-ga over shimmer powders, but we are literally over the moon with this one.

Estee Lauder Brilliant Shimmer All-Over Powder

It is gorgeously sheer and luminous and has a special reserved seat in the front row of our Makeup Bag this season.

Joining our Brilliant Shimmer Powder in this most coveted position is Golden Nude Pure Color Crystal Gloss. If Heaven came in a tube, this would be it. At first glance, it appears too gold-y for our liking but we gave it a chance anyway (we’re sweet like that) and were surprised that this shimmery golden nude color looks not gold-y at all on us but is a rather elegant shade that has instantly become our favorite.

Don’t let the holidays pass you by without a little Holiday Spirit to brighten your face.

Estée Lauder Holiday Spirit 2006

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