Getting organized

Every year, as we drag out our holiday decorations from their secret storage area under our walk-in closet, we are forced to realize that another year has passed and we are STILL NOT ORGANIZED.

As each new year begins, we resolve to Simplify! and Do Away With the Old! and Buy Only What We Need!

(Which usually lasts from New Year’s Day until our birthday eight days later, because turning another year older is grounds for buying things.) (Lots of things.) (That we don’t need.)Japonesque Roll Tote

This year is going to be different. And we’re getting a head start (it’s only December 3rd. We’re weeks away from the New Year! Whee!)

Japonesque is going to help us get this done.

By the time Christmas rolls around, our makeup collection will be pared down and organized and ready for the new year. And isn’t this roll top tote just too perfect? It’s big enough, yet not too big (as we tend to get out of hand in this department.)

Japonesque Roll Tote Inside

And the inside is so cute with pink satin lining, divided main compartment, detachable mesh pouch, and little open pockets for small items.

Once this project is done, it’s on to the closet. (Lord help us!)

Japonesque Roll Top Tote, $55

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  • OH my god,you DON’T want to know how i store my makeup. My personal makeup anyway. I use one of those 6 drawer office containers on wheels. You know the plastic one from Staples that is about as high as a desk? One drawer per item: lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eye shadows, foundations, powders. etc…. sigh. I seriously have a problem… There should be a M.A. Makeup Anonymous. Hi, My name is elke and I am a MakeupAholic….. 😉

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