Business Travel

Today we leave on a business trip for the next four nights and we’re very excited because it’s close enough that we can drive instead of flying.

This is almost as good as a Gingerbread Soy Latte from Starbucks because it means we can bring our own pillow (no big fluffy hotel pillows for us, which are lovely to look at, but a pain in the neck to sleep on) (HA! We made a joke!) and we don’t have to scrimp when it comes to packing our beauty supplies. If we choose to bring 12 exfoliating creams, 5 fragrances and 37 shades of green eyeshadow, there is nothing stopping us. Muahahahaha!

(Except maybe the uncomfortable feeling we’ll get when we drive into hotel valet and the attendant unloads 6 bags while looking around for the rest of our party.)

Have a great weekend!

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