The nine month stretch

Deluxe pampering for Mamas to be.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub

Why didn’t we know about this when we had our first baby?

If only we had known there are PREVENTIVE MEASURES that possibly could have kept our midsection from looking like a road map, with highways and intersections dangerously crossing and smashing into one another, we would have signed up immediately.

It’s true what they say about stretch marks: If your mother has them (like ours does, Hi Mom!), it’s quite possible that you will get them too. But you don’t have to go down without a fight.


Mama Mio products are made with Essential Fatty Acid-rich oils to nourish the lipid layer of the skin allowing elasticity and suppleness to help your skin recover from stretching during pregnancy.


Since we are DONE with having babies (four is plenty, don’t you think?) we especially like the BBB Kit which will make a nice baby shower gift for our preggo friends as it contains Tummy Rub (a rich oil blend to use religiously every day), Boob Tube (super firming bust treatment to hydrate delicate skin) and Wonder-Full Balm (concentration of waxes and oils to target annoying dry spots.)

We can’t think of anything more deluxe or pampering for the expectant mothers in our life. Fight, girls, FIGHT!
Mama Mio BBB Kit, $65

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