More youthful looking radiant skin? We’re in!

The last few days have been a whirlwind of exciting new products, meeting great people, and WALKING (because have you been to Las Vegas recently? It’s quite possible we completed a 5K this morning, and that was just from our room to the front desk and back.)

Needless to say, all this excitement (and WALKING!) has pooped us out. Seriously friends, we’re tired.

However, we just could not go to sleep tonight without telling you about the best thing that happened to us today (aside from our trip to the Sisley counter at Saks Fifth Avenue where Taylor hooked us up!)

This morning we had a professional alpha beta peel in the MD Skincare booth here at ISPA.

MD Skincare

MD Skincare

MD Skincare

The staff working this booth HAS to be the most enthusiastic group of people here at this conference. On the first day, they gave everyone an opportunity to spin their wheel for a chance to win products and they cheered us all on like it was the superbowl and we just made a tie-breaking touchdown with 4 seconds left in the game. They were THAT excited for us to win a full sized bottle of their foaming cleanser (which is a mighty fine foaming cleanser, we must say.)

After our alpha beta peel, which stung a tad bit more than the glycolic peel we regularly get at our aesthetician’s office, our skin was positively glowing. So much so that Taylor (our Sisley counter hook-up-extraordinaire) claimed we looked TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD.

Love him!

Before we left MD Skincare, they sent us home with an Intense Hydra Mask and instructions to perform this two-step, 20 minute hydrating mask before bed tonight as a way to enhance the professional treatment we had just experienced.

Being the dutiful spa-client that we are, we carried out the orders just now and slathered ourself in the hyaluronic acid and subsequent heat-inducing formula which maximizes the benefit of the hyaluronic acid by allowing it to penetrate the skin.

Now we have tried a lot of skincare products from tons of different companies, but nothing compares to this. NOTHING. We could bathe in a pool of Creme de la Mer and our skin wouldn’t feel this wonderful.

Did we mention that Taylor thought we were 23?

MD Skincare Intense Hydra Mask, $60

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