Mmmmmmm Gardenia

Sharon Bolton Scents LUVThe scent of gardenia always brings us home to the island of Kauai where we spent many years growing up next to the ocean, and the sugar cane fields, and the incredible tropical flowers.

Sharon Bolton Scents LUV is not only a mixture of rare pink gardenia, but also lush Hawaiian white flowers with a hint of vanilla and white musk. This fragrance is so feminine and floral, it’s the perfect way to lift our spirits on this cold November morning.

(That’s right, people. It is NOVEMBER already!)

To make things even better, this perfume oil is packaged in the tiniest roll-on bottle, which makes for quick and easy touch ups. But trust us, this long lasting oil will linger all day and we doubt you’ll be touching up at all.

Sharon Bolton Scents LUV Perfume Oil, $42

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