Jimmy Belasco

We love soy. But even more than soy, we love yummy smelling scented candles.

Well, guess what? Our new friend Jimmy Belasco has yummy smelling scented SOY candles! Oh yes he does. And he had them all lined up, nice and pretty for us to smell (which we did. And all we can say is that each and every one of these candles smell SIMPLY GLORIOUS.)

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of the candles to show you because when we get excited about something, we often don’t think straight. But what we DO have for you is pictures of the candle boxes, because sometimes there’s beauty in the packaging. And this packaging is so pretty that we lost our mind and didn’t take shots of the candles themselves. (Trust us. Simply. Glorious.)

DSC_0502.JPG DSC_0503.JPG

DSC_0505.JPG DSC_0508.JPG

See what we mean?

Jimmy Belasco Scented Candles, $22

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